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Up on the Housetop Reindeer Paws

Christmas morning, such a magical time!
Okay, okay, okay!  I'm finally going to get this Christmas post completed, yay!  I have been so crazy-busy in so many different ways that I wasn't sure I would ever get to even beginning this post, but I've sat down to do it finally, and I'm determined to not stop until I've hit the publish button.  I'm sure I'll get interrupted at some point, but I'm crossing my fingers that doesn't happen.  Then again, if I keep sitting here typing about how I'll get interrupted instead of getting to the point, then I'm just asking for it, right?

So here goes...

There is nothing more exciting and mind blowing than watching a child's face light up in wonder upon seeing the Santa-left loot Christmas morning.  Santa is a jolly old mystery man who makes one morning a year so absolutely astoundingly happy that I'm still in awe that little bodies don't explode with an overload of joy the very first time they experience his magic.  Piper is no different than other children when it comes to the overloaded joy syndrome experienced on Christmas morning.  She was already blown away by all the pretty wrapping and surprise presents leading up to the big day, but none of that could remotely compare to the landscape of goodies left for her by Santa.  Damn, I wish I could have bottled up her emotions that morning, I think the happiness she generated could have caused world peace to occur.  Unfortunately, all I have is a ton of pictures to document her delight.  So sorry folks, we'll just have to wait for world peace to occur on its own. For now though, we may all temporarily bask in the glee of a wee-one's first Christmas experience via Piper's pictures...and please do note that she took Pig along for the ride.  Everything is better with a lovey by your side!

First some pictures of the Santa loot pre-Piper discovery...

Here is a pic I snapped right after Santa went back up the chimney!
A double toy: Balls with hammer above and
removable xylophone beneath!
(Notice the fingerpaints in the background?  Oh yeah!)
Stuff to pound on, pull, and make purr!
Notice the Sophie giraffe?  Yep, Piper's one of the cool kids now!
Love the butterfly rocker that Snowbelle is sitting on!  Snowbelle stayed an extra day to make sure Piper was appreciative of her Santa gifts...she will report this back to Santa, of course!
Daisy baby in her stroller, a definite hit!
Advanced blocks for the advanced mind!
Just another angle.
Next set of pics, hanging in Nana and Papa's bed before beginning the Santa adventure.  These pics pretty much speak for themselves and show Piper's truly rambunctious and spunky personality.  I have yet to meet a child as animated and lively as she is, and that's a great thing!

She's suspicious, I can tell.
Always with Pig, he's her best pal!
Starting to get excited and not knowing why...
Too bad there is no video footage of this moment!
'Cause it was something else!
For a second she calmed back down...
Showing off her cute, scrumptious cheeks!
Contemplating the vibe she's catching on to...
Her inner thoughts are building back up...
And BAM!  It hits her again!
And it's out of control!
She's fully engulfed by captured the Holy Christmas Spirit!
Okay, now let's move on to the fun part, Piper's discovery of the Santa loot!

Recap of the loot, just in case you forgot
Checking everything out for the first time
Making sure Pig is paying attention, too
Still a bit stunned and not sure what to do or where to start!
Finally Nana placed a toy in front of her,
coaxing her to accept that this was all hers, woohoo!
And a little coaxing was all she needed!
I think Pig got a phone call :)
But wait, there's more to explore!
OOOHHHH, a kitty!
That doesn't run away!
And she does tricks!
But wait, there's more!
Let's get this party started!
Come on Pig, let's explore!
Decisions, decisions...
Ooohhhh, Papa has a hammer!
Yay, for hammers!!!
I'm mean seriously, yay!
Does it have a flavor?
It does, it does!
And it's awesome!
And I can bang stuff with it?
Yep. I think she's having fun, don't you?
A lot of FUN!
Oh look, a cat!
Oh look, there's more!
A cell phone?
For me?
She's always wanted a cell phone of her own :)
A cell phone and a hammer!
Such a happy little girl :)
A very happy little girl!
So excited she's almost forgot about Pig.
Notice she's back with both hands on Pig again?
And Pig is about to go on another adventure.
Oh look, Snowbelle is here!
Yes, Snowbelle was there to oversee Piper's excitement and report it back to Santa!
Come join in the fun Snowbelle!
Oh look, a Sophie giraffe!
Now she's one of the cool kids!
Does she have a flavor?
Tastes like chicken!
I loves her!
But I still love Pig, too!
Oh look, more stuff!
Nana, you better not be stealing my kitty! ;P
Oh look, another hammer!
What are these smiling wooden creatures I spy?
Hmmmm...I'm missing something here...
A-ha!  A hammer!
Yay, hammers!
I love hammers!
I am Thor!!!
Bow down kitty minion!
Aw, she's so dang adorable!
Does hammer have a flavor?
Time to whack something!
She really does love whacking things right now.
And looks cute doing it.
Mad skills!
I'm serious, she loves to whack things!
And she's good at it.
But wait, there's a kitty!
Whack the kitty!
Just kidding, she never whacked the kitty :)
Just puller her ears, which is about on par with the real kitties in the house.
Her new rocking butterfly is awesome!
And it plays music, too!
And it's fun with a friend!
Poor Pig, rolling kitty was picked for this adventure.
She still looks stunned, hahahaha!
Does rolling kitty have a flavor?
Look, more stuff!
Wooden toys are still a hit!  Mama likes wooden toys :)
Especially educational ones!
Ooohhh, a seahorse!
That plays lullabyes!
I think I'll give him a kiss!
And another one!
And it lights up, bonus!
Now this bug is a rockin', spinnin' good time!

Seriously spazzing out here!
Wait, more stuff!
A baby!
Daisy baby needs a kiss!
And a hug!
And another kiss!
What, she has a stroller too?
Piper loves Daisy and her stroller :)
And is really getting good at walking her around.
Look...more stuff!
Sophie is nom-nom!
And she likes playing piano!
And back to the hammer!  But now with the xylophone!
Making sweet music!
But the hammer is the best part!
Okay, now what?
Oh, here comes Daisy again!
Maybe another kiss :)
As you can see from the pics, Piper was a very good girl and made out like a bandit!  And Santa, as per family history, left all goodies set up and ready to play with.  As for playing with her toys, I still think Piper is quite overwhelmed by all her new goodies.  Every single day she makes her rounds and tries to visit each one of them at least once.  She is definitely a child who appreciates her things, and she shows love to all her toys regularly.  And did you see the kisses Daisy received?  Well, all her loveys get that treatment...all the time!  I adore watching her hug and kiss anything of hers that has anything that remotely resembles a face. Of course, Pig is still her #1 lovey, and I cannot imagine that ever changing.  Years from now, when we look back on these pictures, I can imagine all the stories involving Pig these pictures will inspire us to tell. Hopefully Pig will still be around.  I still have my teddy from when I was just a wee-one, so hopefully Pig will also weather the decades as well as my Pede has so far.  Somewhere there is even an old VHS tape laying around that has a short clip from the year I received Pede, and on it was Piper's namesake, my Great Grandmother Wood.  That tape, when I first discovered it, caused many memories to flood forth, and many that were unrelated to that event, but inspired by the people and loveys in it.  That is what I hope Piper will one day understand and feel when reflecting back on the moments I am doing my best as a parent to capture.  While I may be inundating my readers with a ridiculous amount of pictures and videos, in the end they are all for Piper...well, and maybe a little for me, too.

I will now you leave you all with some last shots from Christmas morning, just some candid shots of Piper before I decided to put away the camera and simply absorb the rest of the day.  Once Piper discovered her goodies, we spent the remainder of Christmas playing and having a good time.  My parents and I exchanged our gifts to one another, and Piper opened a couple more she had under the tree.  Then we all ransacked our stockings, I cooked some awesome steaks, and we generally just celebrated being around the fire and full of good food and fun.  It was a remarkable Christmas, my favorite by far because of Piper.  I cannot imagine how amazing next year is going to be, but I'm speculating it will be even better than this year...the thought is mind-boggling!

She's seriously eyeballing the camera here!
And not shy about going for it, either!
But instead decided just to be all cute smiles :)
Happiest baby alive, for sure!
Well there you all go, Christmas 2013 in a nutshell!  I hope all my readers enjoyed their holiday as much as we did...regardless if you celebrate any type of holiday at all.  Now if you would do me one last holiday favor, even though it is now past the New Year, please do us a favor and drop us a vote over at Top Mommy and Top Baby Blogs by following the links below.  And then come join us on our other social pages, Facebook being where all the daily actions happens!

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