Thursday, September 13, 2012

You Are My Sunshine

After my niece Larkin was born, I used to help babysit her while her parents were at work.  My favorite song to sing her was "You Are My Sunshine."  I imagine it will be the song I most often sing to my little bundle.  With that said, it seemed appropriate to set my 9 week photo shoot (thanks mom!) to that special tune...and it fits with my continuing need to drop a music video into the beginning of every entry.

So, I have a lot to catch everyone up on.  Since the last post about the baby daddy, I have had two ultrasounds and my first prenatal visit.  I know, I know!  I should have posted sooner, but honestly I just got a bit lazy...well, I actually was spending all my free time reading instead of writing.  It's really hard to put down a good Stephen King book, you know?

I'll start by going back in time to Thursday, August 30th.  This is the day I had my 8 week ultrasound.  And what a delight that was.  My little bean had turned into what finally looked like a little human!  Amazing how much the little one changed in just two weeks.
Isn't he/she the cutest thing ever?!?!
As you can see, the ultrasound pic turned out fantastic!  The nurse was very pleasantly surprised that the wee-one decided to put on such a good show.  All of my immediate family members are hams and love the camera.  The baby's daddy is working on his acting career.  Those two things combined...well let's just say I think this one has a personality on him, too.

On a side note, you may notice me calling the little one he a bit.  While it is still too early to know the sex of the baby, I have this feeling that the little one is a boy.  I've always wanted a little boy, but would be absolutely delighted with either sex, but I really do think I'm carrying in my womb what will hopefully one day be an upstanding young gentleman.  Six more weeks and I should know for sure.

So back to the 8-week ultrasound.  It went great.  The little one was measuring at 1.7 cm and had a heart rate of 167bpm.  Doc said he looked terrific and was growing at the expected rate.  Needless to say, I was all smiles and so was my mom.  And the pic we got (seen above) couldn't have been better.

That visit was my official last visit to Arkansas Fertility & Gynecology Associates.  That is until I decide to have another kid...which I'm considering doing before I turn 40.  The next part of my journey was officially here, time for my first prenatal visit.  After much deliberation, I decided to go with Ashley Deed as my OBGYN.  She delivered my niece Haven, and I had talked to several women who absolutely adored her.  I'm very glad I went with her because she totally rocks!

My frst prenatal appointment was Monday, September 10th.  I was anxious and excited as I really didn't know what to expect...I've never been pregnant before so who could blame me?  Anyway, my mom was supposed to join me that morning as usual but she had an early morning dizzy spell and missed her ride (me) cause I could not run late for my first appointment...impressions and all.  However, Dr. Deed was so wonderfully nice that she waited to do my first abdominal ultrasound until my mom could get there.  This was totally unexpected.  I simply stated on the way to the ultrasound room that my mom was going to be so disappointed that she was missing it.  Well that was all it took.  Dr. Deed said she didn't mind waiting at all.  She just took me back to my exam room and let me browse magazines until mom got there.  What doctor does that?  Not one I have ever met.
She really deserves one of these!
I'm getting ahead of myself again, so I'll back up a but.  When I first got called back for my appointment I went through the usual rigmarole.  I was weighed (we won't even go there on the weight I have already gained due to the progesterone and now baby weight and boob increase), had my blood pressure checked, and we went briefly over my due date to make sure we were all on the same page.  After that, I was taken to my exam room...this is where I met Dr. Deed for the first time and admittedly knew nothing of what was to come.  I had no idea that I would be getting another ultrasound that day...and my first abdominal one to boot.  That is why I was so grateful that Dr. Deed was willing to wait until my mom arrived.  She was already on her way cause she wanted to be there for as much of the appointment as possible, so the wait wasn't terribly long.  Regardless, I was over joyed and thankful.

As I waited for mom, Dr. Deed and I discussed some basics.  First off she asked if I was having any problems, which of course I haven't had any of those.  Next we discussed sending me in for specialized blood work and another ultrasound, since I'm over 35, to check for Down Syndrome and other such genetic/chromosomal disorders....the stuff they typically test for with an amniocentesis.  Luckily amniocentesis is no longer the first step in testing for these disorders.  As the process is so invasive and carries a risk of miscarrying the fetus, I would not have opted for such a test.
I don't think so!
But blood work and an ultrasound, that I can handle.  If they find anything that raises a red flag in these procedures, then they move on to other methods of testing.  I imagine I'll have no scares here, but I will still probably be anxious until I hear the results.  I'm scheduled to go in for those tests on September 26th, so everyone keep your fingers crossed that it all comes out fine.

During my ultrasound at this appointment they will also be checking my cervix for any unusual scarring that could affect me carrying to term.  They are checking it because I had a LEEP procedure done to remove abnormal cells that were pre-cancerous back in the early 2000s.  This procedure can cause several different types of changes to the cervix, so it is necessary to have an expert examine mine to make sure nothing unusual is going on down there.  Good news is that after my pap-smear that Dr. Deed performed, she stated I had a perfect cervix and she would never have guessed I had had a LEEP performed if I hadn't told her.  But I still need an expert to check just to make sure.

After Dr. Deed's and my discussion, my mom finally arrived and we went back to the ultrasound room.  And once again, it was magical.  Unfortunately for us my little one was not performing as much as the previous ultrasound.
He's getting bigger!
As you can see from the pic, he's not splayed out to the camera giving it his best ham sandwich!  I honestly believe he was sleeping soundly and was all cozied and didn't want to be woken up.  I'm not much of a morning person either, so I really can't blame him.  Dr. Deed kept harassing him to move around, and he did a bit, but for the most part he just chillaxed, which is cool by me.

So how much bigger was he you ask?   Well he/she had grown to 3.2cm and the heart rate was at 160bpm. Dr. Deed said he/she was perfect in all aspects of the word.  Growing like a weed, had all the appropriate limbs, and she expects he/she will be a big, healthy baby when born.  She also said birth-weight usually corresponds to how big you were at birth.  I was 7lbs 6oz, so if she's right that would be a great size.  I am predicting an 8-9lb baby, though.  Besides being just a perfect specimen of a fetus, she also said it was quite unusual to be able to see the umbilical cord so vividly at such an early stage.  As you can see from the pic, the cord is quite noticeable.  She said this means it is a nice strong, thick cord and that is a terrific thing to have.  I hate to brag about it, but it made me feel so damned proud to being doing such a remarkable job creating this little one.  Everything she said was like getting a giant gold star sticker for my hard work!
I so rock at creating life!
After my ultrasound, we headed back to the exam room for the pap-smear.  It was just the typical exam...pressed on my boobs, shoved some fingers up my hoo-hoo and pressed on my goods, took some swab samples to go to the lab...same ole, same ole.  Everything looked just as it should, so nothing really much to talk about there.  Oh, I forgot to mention that I did have to give a urine sample after the ultrasound...I just love peeing in a cup!

Okay, this one I just threw in for my dad!
Following the pap-smear I made my appointment for my special tests on September 26th and then gave a blood sample.  It was a terribly long wait for the blood-letting, but it was smooth and painless which is always a plus.  Upon leaving I was given a packet of goodies all wrapped together with a camo ribbon...I took this as a sign, of course, that I am indeed carrying a boy.  I'm sure it was random, but I am a believer of signs and so I'll just leave it at that.  The bundle of goodies included a very informative book about pregnancy and infancy, a guide to breastfeeding, information on mommy courses offered including water aerobics and infant CPR, two magazines (one called Loving Your Grandbaby and the other As Your Baby Grows), a tote bag, and my preadmission form to fill out so I can go ahead and get myself registered at the hospital and prepared for the big day.

As you can see, a lot has happened over the past several weeks.  And a lot is on the schedule for the weeks to come.  To refresh on upcoming events...I have my specialized blood work and ultrasound scheduled for September 26th and my next prenatal visit on the books for October 8th.  After that I'm off on vacation at the beach for a couple of weeks.  Upon my return it should be time to finally prove my intuition is correct and  find out the sex of this little bundle.

It seems just yesterday I was peeing on an HPT and wow, now I'm on my 10th week.  It all moves so fast!  I am glad to finally be moving into the growing and showing phase.  My bump, as you can tell from the photo shoot video, is definitely not hiding.  Every day it seems to be growing just a little bit more.  Maybe so slight no one else notices, but it is easy for me to spot.  This is when all the fun really begins!  I even got to park in one of those special spots at the grocery store for new and/or expecting mothers and that was way cool!

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Until next time, everyone take care and make sure to smile at a random stranger.  Smiles are contagious and I think there needs to be more of them in the world!
See, you smiled didn't you?

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