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Hi there, my name is Ashley.  

Yep, that's me!

I am a single, 38-year-old female (now 39...oops, just turned 40, how long will I keep adding the years like this before I start hiding my age?) who decided to go through the process of having an IUI in hopes of conceiving a child. I initially started this blog as a means to document my experiences along the way for myself and future bundle of joy.  As time passed and I spoke with more and more women out there in the world, I realized that I could also lend a voice to women everywhere who may be in my same life situation...single, no longer willing to compromise themselves or settle for a mediocre relationship just because they feel they are running out of time to have a family, and finally deciding to take life into their own hands and not worry about societal norms or pressures regarding what others deem as the "right" way to create life.  I have been told a myriad of stories by women who waited too long to have children because they were afraid of going it solo and had never met Mr. Right, or they had met him too late.  When hearing my decision to go it alone, the typical response is one of support with a side of regret for their own missed opportunity to do the same.  Although this blog hits on many various topics, my hopes are that the notion and concept of becoming a single mom by choice will no longer be looked down upon by those who think two parent families are the best way to raise children.  Families come in all shapes and sizes, and I have chosen a size that may not fit others quite so well but so far has fit me like a glove!

And this is me now!

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