Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Nursing Vampires and Chasing Cats

I recently posted about posting from my phone with short little excerpts regarding immediate life.  Well, this is one of those.

I'm laying here in bed with Piper, who just crashed out for the time being. Let's hope she does not do what she did last night and wake up every hour beginning at 3:30am to nurse her sore face back into sleep. Yes, she's STILL teething, ugh.  I retrained her recently to once again start taking her hoppie (pacifier), but last night I couldn't find it in the bed, as she had chunked it onto the floor at some point, and so therefore I once again played the role of human pacifier.  She seemed to have an easier go at teething today, so I'm hoping it extends through the night. 

Speaking of teething, anyone out there know what it's like to nurse a vampire?  I do now!  It's not as easy as it sounds, that's for sure.  Teeth are no fun in the nursing fun at all!!!  It's a long time till she's done teething, and it's going to take some patience and positive thinking to muster through the pain, but I got this, I hope. 

Anyways, I just thought I'd take a brief moment to capture my thoughts at the moment. I'm working on a more detailed analysis of nursing in my forthcoming post, but that is still a day or two out. It focuses on other things, too, but just a heads up for the avid readers.

On another totally off topic note...

You might have noticed the new ads on the sidebar. I known I said I would never pimp out my blog for advertising, but I thought what the hey!  I'm sticking with pertinent baby/children stuff and giving it a whirl. I'm a social experimenter of sorts at times, it goes with the degree in anthropology I suspect, so there you go. I'm still learning the ropes of the blogosphere and trying new things to build my readership.  Would it really hurt anyone if I try and build the bank account, too?

And a last little bit before I try and sneak out of bed for a snack...

Piper awoke at 11:30 last night to try and wrastle the cat. I snapped some quick action shots.  I so wish I could capture all her enthusiasm on film, but the still shots will have to do for now. She tried to wrangle the same cat this evening by chasing her around the kitchen island, damn that would have made for some good TV!  But alas, she didn't perform for the camera when I finally got to it, so last night's memories will have to suffice for now. 

Good thing Loki is still quicker than Piper, but she better watch her tail cause this girl is fast!!! 

And with that I will leave you all for the night. This new phone posting feels incomplete, but I'll make it work for the in-between times. I'm still learning about what all I can do from this angle, so bear with me as I conduct yet another trial run of my lazy-in-bed typing skills, hahahahaha! 

Take care and goodnight!  

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