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Mama's Big Swollen Head, Birthday Parties, and Big Blue Eyes!

This post is going to be all about shameless bragging...consider yourself warned!

Get ready for some ridiculously cute pics!
This past weekend (now two weekends ago since I'm lagging way behind), Piper, Nana, and I went to do a little shopping.  I needed to pick up a birthday gift for Piper's first kid birthday party, and so we headed out to have some fun.  Low and behold, the day turned into a never ending barrage of people stopping us and commenting on Piper's beauty.  I know she is quite stunning to behold, but then again I'm her mom and supposed to think she's a looker.  I am still amazed, however, by the amount of attention her good looks draw.

You say something about cute pics?

Doll face!

Notice the big blue eyes?

That smile slays me!
I'm not joking when I say she literally stops traffic.  No seriously, people were stopping their cars as we crossed the parking lot, rolling down their windows, and gushing over Piper's adorableness.  She's always garnered attention, but it's getting much worse.  It's one thing for someone in line who has to stand there and look at her to give her a compliment, but to actually stop their vehicle and block traffic?  That is something truly astounding to me.

Love pics of her from above.

Happiest baby ever!

Pucker up!
Not only did she hold up passing vehicles, she also managed to get every single person we strolled by to say something to her.  Compliments ranged from her beauty to her outfit to her giggles and smiles.  She definitely knows how to take a compliment and return it with a heart-warming grin that spreads from the top of her head down to the tips of her tootsies.  This overall grin leaps right off her and totally overtakes those around her.  It's like she has a magical happiness making power that makes people want to forget their woes and stand basking in her aura of sheer delight.  Okay, that may be an exaggeration, but not by much.

Perfect profile!

This is one of my favs!  Them cheeks!

Perfect pout!

Of course, with each and every compliment my head grew a little larger.  By the time we left the store I could barely hold it up on my neck anymore.  As a matter of fact, I'm kind of to the point now that I just want to take her out just to watch people respond to her.  It's fun to see people light up and smile in response to whatever it is about her that strikes them.  It's fun to say thank you and blush as a proud mama should.  It's fun to watch her give as much as she gets.  She really loves adventuring out and seeing people, she has always been a people watcher.  When we went to the zoo she was much more interested in the patrons than the animals.  She is still that way.  People fascinate her.  I think that is part of her charm.  She is very much aware of her surroundings and responds effortlessly to others, and people seem to love this about her.  It's logical.  I like it when I give someone a compliment and they respond genuinely to what I've said.  So it makes sense that other people would feel that way about Piper's response to them complimenting her.  I so wish I could capture some of these moments on film, for they are quite intriguing.

Repeat after me....AWWWWWWdorable!

She could be made out of porcelain!

Okay, now on to the birthday party segment of this post...

Piper was adored by all at the party!
We had a birthday party to go to each of the last two weekends.  The first party, the Sunday before last, was for my friend Dawn's little boy named Grayson who was turning two.  This was Piper's first little kid birthday party, and she had a blast.  She wasn't yet old enough to enjoy the bouncy tents and stuff at the Jump Zone in North Little Rock, but she did enjoy being around other kids and all the excitement in the air. Since she doesn't go to a preschool, seeing other people her size still captures her wonder.  I guess when you live in a world mostly filled with adults, it makes since to be enamored with people your own size when you run across them.

Grayson admiring Piper!

Piper admiring him back!
And then checking for boobies!  Everyone gets this treatment, lol!
This past Saturday, we attended yet another birthday party for my Niece Anna who turned seven.  Anna wanted to go to an all you can eat buffet restaurant her locally, and who could blame her, right?  So the whole family gathered at Western Sizzlin' in the party room and gorged ourselves on good home cooked fixins and all the sweets we could have to love a place with a dessert bar and birthday cake!  Once again, Piper had a blast being immersed in all the excitement of a birthday party.  She was also a hit of the waitresses who kept peeping in the party room window to get a good look at her, over and over and over again.  Like I said at the beginning of this post, she garners quite a lot of attention wherever she goes.  She had all us birthday party attendees banging on the tables, too.  She has recently learned to bang on various things to make noise, and loves a wooden spoon or two these days in her high chair, so when she started patting the high chair with her open hand at the restaurant, everyone in the party room pounded their table back, mimicking her actions.  She is very much into the whole aping thing right now, and loves to not only copy other people but have people copy her, too.  When she gets a good aping session going, she cackles with delight, which only garners her even more attention!

Piper and my brother at the party.

The birthday girl!

My other brother, the birthday dad!

Part of my awesome gift!

The totally awesome cake!

Blowing out the candles!

Pig is her favorite lovey!

The only drawback to Saturday's birthday party was that it didn't start until 8pm because the party room was unavailable before then.  This meant that Piper would have to get off her desperately-trying-to-be-set nighttime schedule.  Of course, even though during the party you would have never noticed it, this scheduling change made her completely bonkers for two days!  After arriving back home Saturday night, some time close to 10pm, she was so wound up and exhausted that she couldn't do anything but scream and cry until close to 3am, ugh!  Sunday she was still wound up, but after I laid down with her for a good two-hour afternoon nap she got back to her usual self.  I'm still amazed how just a very slight change of routine can totally screw a child up, and make a parents job nearly impossible, too.  I felt so bad for her Saturday night into Sunday morning, and I felt bad for feeling frustrated with her, especially knowing it wasn't her fault.  I guess that's a part of parenting I'm just going to have to learn to deal with as I go along.  I have determined that we will no longer be attending events, no matter their importance, if it means once again a night of screaming from over exhaustion.  From now on, it's her way or no way at all.  Mama cannot handle that kind of upset again, it about drove us both insane!

Seriously too cute!
Okay, I think I'm going to stop here for now and wrap this all up.  It's been a slow two weeks on the writing front because it's been a very full two weeks on all other fronts.  Work life and home life have all been bustling, and I imagine it won't let up until sometime after the new year. I'll do my best to keep everyone abreast of all things Piper, but please forgive me if the posts take a bit longer than normal to get completed, although I swear to do my best in not getting too far behind.  I always post daily on Facebook, so please join us there for the in-between times.

Thought maybe a few more bear suit pics were needed!

Can she get any more adorable?
Buy a bear suit here!
By the way, if you are wondering about the "Big Blue Eyes" portion of this post's title, just take another look at all the pics!  I had just the bear-suit pics to post at first, but since the post took longer than expected and I added in more events, I went ahead and threw in a pile of other pics, too.  I know no one minds a few extra Piper pics!

Seriously big, blue eyes!
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