Thursday, November 7, 2013

Going Naked and Other Silly Things

I originally began this post a couple of weeks ago, while I was home sick from work, but I got sidetracked with Halloween and life in general, so I erased everything I had written, don't worry I was only a paragraph in, and decided to start from scratch.  So here goes...

Over the past couple of weeks, I have taken some really adorable pics of Piper.  We did a nudie shoot while we were home sick, took some great videos of her eating candy and other such fun things, and I captured a few moments of her in her new overalls Nana bought for her...just to name a few.  I, of course, am feeling the urge to share these pics with all the world!  Piper's little personality is becoming more and more delightful every day, and her pics and videos reflect this blossoming she's going through.  No longer am I the mother of a baby girl, I am now the mother of a very rambunctious pre-toddler with a zest for life, a curious mind built for exploration, and a silly side that absolutely cracks me up continuously when she's awake, which is most of the time.  Since this is blog is pretty much the equivalent of her life story, her baby book, and a plethora of embarrassing documents about how cute her booty was at various ages, it makes sense to post all my favorite pics and videos all the time.  I hope she will thank me later on in life for overdoing everything.

To start, the nudie session!  I will warn everyone, I am not very good at narrowing down my favorites, so get ready for a pile of pics.

First we started with crib pics.

Then we moved the session down to the floor.

Then I started playing around with a different camera setting, which I loved!

Great drool shot!

I just love her doll-like features when photographed from above.


Eventually I put clothes back on her and then decided to keep taking pictures...

Always with the chewing!

Got to love those eyes!

Why is my candy bucket empty?

You take my candy?
 The week of Halloween, we decided to wear some foo-foo stuff all week.  This little number with the pink tutu, begged for pictures to be taken!

She loves her mirror in the office.

This one cracks me up!

 After Halloween, the picture taking fun continued.  Missed the Halloween blog?  Check HERE, because the pics in it are totally rockin'!

Probably one of my favorite outfits Piper has to date is the new set of monogrammed pink overalls that her Nana bought for her.  The day she wore them for the first time, which was this past Saturday, I absolutely had to take some shots of her.  Not only did she look adorable, but her new shoes made her want to take a stroll.  Of course she had help by holding onto her Nana's hands, but she walked quite a ways with assistance.  After her bout of walking, I then had to take some closer up pics to capture her beauty.

Are those not too cute?

Such a happy girl!

Another one of those shots that makes her look like a doll!

Are you smiling yet?

I think those two shots are almost identical, but oh well!
One thing I love about the previous close-up shots is how they show off her large eyes.  I have narrow eyes, so she got these from her donor dad.  I have to admit they may be my favorite feature of her face.  I always wanted to have larger eyes, so I am very happy she didn't inherit my smaller shaped eyes.  I do like my eyes, but I like her eyes even more!

Now on to some videos...

Out of all the Halloween candy she received from trick-or-treating, she was only allowed to have suckers, with supervision of course.  A co-worker of mine brought her a couple to work.  As he couldn't be there to enjoy her eating them, I made him a little video of her sheer sucker delight.

She loves suckers!

I think she was not disappointed in the tasty treat.  I have several more suckers put away for her to munch on over the next several weeks.  I don't allow her a whole lot of sugar, but everyone deserves some candy once in awhile.

To go with her new found love of suckers, I have been introducing her to 3rd foods.  In other words, foods with chunks, since she now has some teeth to work with and I want her to learn how to use them.  Right now we are trying out various pasta dishes.  This week we had lasagna with meat sauce, which has tiny piece of pasta in it.  Here is a quick video of how that went!

Not a huge fan yet, but trying!
(Youtube link)

I'm now sitting here wondering if I have other pics to post.  I recently had to dump all the pics and videos off my phone onto my laptop.  Apparently I had taken so many that I could no longer Google anything on the iPhone until I created some space.  Doing that kind of threw all my pics into a tizzy, not knowing what I have already published and all.  So, I'm just going to throw out some random shots that I've posted previously on my Facebook accounts.

Hanging out on the back deck this past weekend.

Love her new hat!

Busted not taking her nap!

Her snack/video station at work.

She's taken to picking my nose while nursing at night.

I watch her while she sleeps all the time.

Goofy for suckers!

Another shot of her video station.
She loves Baby Einstein!

Finally, I'll wrap things up just how I began, with some nudie shots!  These were taken in our living room in the midst of a diaper change.  Piper is very fond with adventuring naked, so I sometimes allow her to do so. Thank goodness this has yet to backfire, ending up with an accident on the floor.  So far, no such disaster has happened, but she is young yet.  

Such a pretty little naked body!

And a booty shot to wrap things up!
Whew, okay!  I think that's about all the pics I have for right now, even though I must admit I have taken quite a few throughout the day today.  Luckily those are in the fancy camera and not yet transferred to the laptop.  Piper is starting to get dramatic and needs some lunch, so I'm going to finish this post up and get to pampering my princess before she starts getting overly vocal about the fact I'm typing and not giving her my full, undivided attention.

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