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Labor Day Photo Shoot, Five Month Milestones, and Other New Piperisms

Did someone say be adorable?
As usual, a lot has taken place since my last post.  If you keep up with Piper and me on Facebook, then some of the following may be a repeat.  Since Facebook is a secondary site, I much prefer to post things here, yet it sometimes takes me a bit longer.  This particular entry will reach back to the Labor Day weekend and go from there, so let's get started!

First off, Labor Day weekend was a blast.  This year we once again went over to my brother's house, the brother who spawned my adorable nieces (not to discount my adorable married-in nieces from my other brother's family), and did the usual cooking out and swimming.  I swore I was not going to get into a bathing suit this year, and I had a damn good excuse not to.  I'll have to admit there is nothing worse than popping out at baby right at the beginning of swimsuit season!  Regardless of my vow, I sucked it up, threw on my maternity suit, and decided to hit the water.  I allowed Piper the immense pleasure of going swimming on the Fourth of July with my brother, but this time I wanted to be the one with whom she swam.  I so regretted not being the first person she ever swam with, but a close second I will take.

Had to get a duplicate shot similar to my brother's picture with her!
Piper absolutely loves the water!  I'm not surprised as we are all a bunch of water babies in my family.  I mentioned in a previous post how I could swim before I could walk.  My favorite method was a few inches below the surface, on my back, and with eyes wide open.  I so wish my parents had footage of this bizarre style, but maybe I'll get lucky and Piper will do the same.  If not, oh well.  I can already tell, even if she doesn't adopt my odd swim style, that she is fearless of the water.  I took her under a few times, and even though the first time she got a bit choked, she didn't cry or get scared.  The next two times she was already a pro at it and there was no fussing or choking at all.  She actually started to kick a bit when I pulled her through the water, so I'm going to take that as a good sign that swimming will come very naturally for her.  I can see us spending a lot of time in the pool next year.

Loved being in the water with her!

Happy as can be!

Swam her pants right off!
Before all the swimming festivities, my nieces, mom, and myself put Piper through an impromptu photo shoot. She has this adorable black with pink polka-dot MudPie outfit my mom bought her (see first pic of this entry).  With it came a hat that had a pink ruffly part underneath.  Here are some of my favorite pics from that shoot!

Love her peepers!

My personal favorite!

Are we done yet?
Once we finished up with swimming, we sat around and hung out for awhile.  At this point, Piper really began to show off.  She has begun this thing with crinkling up her nose when she gets excited or is trying to learn a new skill.  It's not just a crinkle, usually there's a huff and puff or other such sound that goes along with it.  It is the cutest damned thing I have ever seen a baby do!  Yes, I'm partial to my own little darling, but I've been around a lot of babies and have never seen anything like it.  Anyways, my oldest niece had her giving great nose the entire afternoon!

Too cute!

Me trying to get in on the action...not so cute :-p

I mean seriously cute!
I managed to take a few more pics that day that I adore, so here they are!

Piper with her other niece...such beauties!

Love this look!

Always with the hands!

Face of an angle!

Look ma!  No hands!

Got to love the turtle lip!
Well then, that about wraps up Labor Day.  Of course there were many more pic, but those were all my favorites.  I just love my new camera as it allows me to capture special moments like never before. I do still love my camera phone, though, for it allows for more spur of the moment shots, or "selfies" with Piper.  And speaking of selfies, I snapped a great one of us in our Hog gear for the first game of the season!

Woo Pig Sooie!
The pic above is not her greatest facial expression, but she really does look adorable all dressed up in her college football best.  We had such a horrible season last year I didn't watch any games just so she wouldn't hear our losing streak in the womb.  Hopefully with our new coach, this season will be better be because her cheerleading uniform is too awesome not to wear!  We've won our first two games, so fingers crossed!

Okay, what next?  Maybe a couple of videos?  Remember the crinkle-nose I told you about?  Well I sort of caught it on tape one night.  I know, miracle, right?  I'm hoping to catch a better film of it later, but this will have to do for now.  She started doing the crinkle while trying to crawl.  It has crossed over into other scenarios, but this is a great crawling effort video.

Couldn't you just die!?!?!?!
(Youtube link)

Here's another video, one of her in her swing.  She loves Baby TV and watches it every weekday morning while I get ready for work.  I know TV is not the best thing for her, but it's educational, she loves the channel, and it helps us both stay sane for an hour while I run around getting myself in gear!

She loves her swing...and her feet!
(Youtube link)

Let me jump back to the crawling thing.  Piper has been trying to crawl for a few weeks now.  I swore she'd be doing it by 4 1/2 months, but she is still doing her commando crawl for the time being.  I am so okay with this!  I love that she is smart and physically ahead of the game, but I'm enjoying her not yet being completely mobile while I can.  Now don't get me wrong, she cannot be left alone unless she is strapped into something because she has no issues with getting around at all, she's just still slower than she will be, and very soon I imagine!  She just turned 5-months yesterday, so she's still ahead of the game for now.  I know she'll be crawling before six months.  

With her trying to crawl, she is also trying to move to a sitting position from her knees, which she almost has down.  She is sitting completely upright without hand support now, something she started this week.  She can also twist side to side and freely use her arms, although she still topples over or slouches forward when tired. She can also move to a crawling position from a seated one.  Additionally, she has just this week started trying to scoot on her butt while sitting.  She doesn't move fast nor far, but it is dang cute.  

She just started this!
(Youtube link)

Well, that should take care of the video portion of this post.  My goodness, this is getting to be a long one isn't it?  I've been so busy with my 52 acts of random kindness that I haven't spent enough time focusing on Piper.  She changes so much on a daily basis now, learning new skills at a breakneck pace, it really is hard to keep up.  That's why I highly recommend following us on Facebook (see link at bottom of page), because I post there daily.  For my Facebook fans, many of these pics are old news, but I'm sure they do not mind the re-hash, at least I hope they don't!

Since I've been drawing this one out, I'm going to wind everything down with some more pics, go figure! I've taken a bunch over the past couple of weeks, so I hope no one is too overloaded with cuteness at this point.

Sometimes I let her get naked and messy for dinner!

Still love breastfeeding her.  Best part of my day!

A pic at the office, please ignore diaper bag :)

She loves breakfast time!
I bought her a 3'7" sock monkey on a whim.  Needless to say, she loves it!  And who wouldn't?  I actually have cuddled with him in bed a few times.  Just for the record, his name's Sake.

Is he mine?


I spoil her!

We were accidentally matching this day!
Oh my goodness, I think I'm finally out of pictures to post.  Well, don't let me lie, I have hundreds more, but I'll just keep all the rest to myself.  I have so many pics it's actually causing me anguish trying to do her baby/life book.  I finally started working on the first page last weekend, although it won't actually be the first page in the book.  Of course, I can't be like everyone else and just throw some pics into an album.  No, I've got to hand make the damned thing!  So far, I've almost completed one whole page, woohoo!  It really will be spectacular, at least in my eyes, when it's complete.  Hopefully, if I do a page every week, I'll have it done before she is 20.  In the end, all the hard work and over thinking will pay off, but I have seriously got to narrow down my pic selections for it or I'll never even get it started past that first page.  Oh well, that's another post altogether.  For now, I'll wrap things up with a snapshot of that first page.  The album is going to have a mixed-media designed wooden cover held together by rings and ribbon.  Inside are 12x12 chipboard pages with beau coups of embellishments, special touches, envelopes full of goodies, pull-out portions, etc.  It's more scrapbook/keepsake/life treasure map than anything else.  Anyways, here's a glimpse at the first partially completed page.  I'm thinking of adding more embellishments and quotes from the blog within the open spaces.  Who knows how it'll look when finished, but it will definitely be eye catching! It's my first try at something of this nature, so hopefully it will get better as I go along.

Love creating the picture borders from scratch!
Okay, now I am finally going to end this rambling and release you all from this post!  I hope you have enjoyed catching up on all things Piper.  If so, show us some love and throw us a vote over at Top Baby Blogs by following the link below.  Remember, you can vote every 24 hours.  So if you've voted before, please do so again.  Also, come join us on our other social sites by following the links below.  Facebook is by far where most of the action happens, so if nothing else, come join us there!  As always, thanks for stopping by!

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