Sunday, September 29, 2013

52 Acts of Random Kindness, Week 9

The benefit for Willow's family going on today.
As I sit here and watch Piper crawl around her crib via the baby monitor, knowing she is not going to take a nap and my efforts are futile, I think about how lucky I am to have such a little miracle in my life.  I am truly blessed and cannot imagine ever losing her, or the unbearable pain that would cause.  I know that there are many families out there who face such overwhelming tragedies of losing a child, and my heart breaks for them.  Such a tragic loss is what prompted my act of kindness this week.

There is a family in Hot Springs, Arkansas that lost their darling 18-month-old baby girl in a house fire.  It's a horrifying tragedy that I cannot even begin to imagine having to go through.  How does a family pick themselves up and move on after such an event?  I know Willow's family is wanting to somehow reach out to other families who have lost children, although her mom is unsure of exactly that will unfold in the months to come.  I commend her for wanting to keep her daughter's memory alive while looking for a way to help others who know what her and her husband are going through.  It must be horribly painful yet so honorable a thing to want to do.

Read more about this story HERE.

Today a benefit was held in Willow's honor in Hot Springs.  It's goal is to raise funds to help Willow's family, who lost everything in the fire. While I was unable to attend, I did reach out and send in a small donation, what I could afford, as my act of kindness for week 9.  I know what I gave will not bring peace to Willow's family, but it will help them replace some of what can be replaced of all the things they lost in the fire.  If you are interested in also helping out, you kind find the link to the donation page via the Willow's Wish Facebook page.

Click the picture to link to the Facebook page.
You can also go directly to the Paypal donation page HERE.

I do hope Willow's family continues ahead with their plans to help other's who have lost children.  I know the path will not be easy, but what a wonderful thing to want to do for others.  I will continue to follow their story, you never know but maybe I'll be able to do more for them later on.  For now, I will simply keep them in my thoughts and hope for their minds to find peace and their hearts to heal.  Godspeed Willow.

Wouldn't you know that Piper actually has decided to take a nap.  Guess she understood how much I wanted to get this post published.  I know I'll be hugging her extra close when she wakes up.

We should all hold our children a little closer today.

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