Saturday, August 3, 2013

Worst Photo Shoot Ever!

While I'm busy finishing another entry, I decided to offer up this little entry.  A couple of weekends ago my nieces, my mom, and I decided to try and dress Piper up in one of her pretty dresses and take some pictures.  What we soon realized is that we were really quite extraordinarily lousy at trying to show off Piper and the dress at the same time.  Lessons learned:  we are not professional, fancy dresses from now on should be reserved for babies at least able to sit fully on their own if not stand on their own, and even the worst photo shoots can be a good time even if the pictures turn out more hysterical than beautiful.  Enjoy!

First we tried holding her up while hidden behind a blanket...

Next we tried the Boppy pillow as a prop...

Then we tried just holding her up with our hands...

Yes, I think she is subtly flipping us off!

In the end, nudie is always best!!!

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