Friday, August 9, 2013

52 Acts of Random Kindness, Week 2

Piper loves her necklace!
A couple of weeks ago, I was turned onto a Facebook page called Little Tweethers- Twiddle and Teether Necklaces.  This page is hosted by a wonderful artist across the pond who makes the most adorable teething necklaces and other such awesome things.  The description reads "Custom handmade jewellery.  Reminder Breast Feeding Bracelets, Twiddle Necklaces and Teether Necklaces designed to aid motor development, satisfying for little gums and creating a stronger bond between baby and wearer."  As I love unique, one of a kind items that also have a function, and Piper is teething, I knew I had to have one of the teething necklaces ASAP!  I took a gander at the page, private messaged the owner, and we began discussing the style and colors I was interested in.

We paid just a tin bit extra to have her name etched.
Many of you may be aware of how I love collaborating with artists...see all my Nurseryland posts if you are unfamiliar with my need to have unique items.  What I love about doing this is that I can put in my two cents and then let the artist do what they do best, turn my two cents into a one-in-a-million creation that is totally special and better than I expected on the front end.  I have much respect for the creative streak of others, and love when artists listen to my needs and wants, and then combine them with their own creative genius to create something truly unique that incorporates my ideas while still holding true to their artistry.

Her initial taste test!
I received my necklace last week, and I was thrilled with the quality and workmanship.  It is so adorable and Piper absolutely loves it!  I'm especially glad I opted to have her name etched into the wood ring, it made it that much more special to both of us.  The necklace will definitely be a keepsake that will end up in her baby scrapbook or treasure box.  Well, I hope it does.  She may end up gnawing it to pieces, but if so we will at least keep the piece to go with the pictures.

Piper instantly knew what the necklace was for!
So what does this necklace have to do with my random act of kindness this week?  Well, I loved mine so much that I messaged the artist and offered to pay for whoever's order she next received.  I didn't car what they ordered, I just wanted to cover the costs.  I know it isn't much, as the price on these is remarkably inexpensive, but it's not about money.  I wanted to surprise a total stranger with a gift from afar.

Taking a break to check out the camera.
What I thought was really sweet, is that the artist then turned around and posted on her Facebook page about what I had done and announced which customer benefited from the kindness deed.  I really liked that she did that, as it helps others get inspired to start doing the same...acts of kindness, that is, not promoting my deeds, lol.  As a matter of fact, the customer who is receiving the necklace posted a comment that she was also going to pay the act forward, just I have been doing.  Nothing like causing a chain reaction of awesomeness!

Going back to town!
The necklace I purchased for the random stranger is in the process of being made.  Once it is complete, the artist over at Little Tweethers will be sending me a picture to post here.  I cannot wait to see what it looks like, because she said is a style she has never made before, how exciting!  Nothing like letting the creativity flow!  So, once I receive the picture, I will be posting it at the end of this entry.  For now, however, I hope everyone has enjoyed Piper's pics of teething joy!

Look at them lips!  So damn cute!
Looking forward to my random act of kindness next week.  I have no idea what it will be, but I'm sure it will put a smile on someones face besides my own.  Here's to spreading niceties!

The act of kindness necklace!
Speaking of niceties...

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