Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Say What?

Cutest face ever!
This entry will be sort of short, as I just really want to show off the video I made of Piper cooing.  I've made a few of these videos, all of which I will include even though a couple of them are in a past entry.  I absolutely adore Piper's sweet little voice.  When she first started cooing it melted my heart.  For a couple of weeks she was all about testing out her new vocalizations.  Then all of a sudden, she quit talking at all for another couple of weeks.  I figured she wa just like me and mulling things over before she presented her argument to the household.  I was right!  This past weekend she started talking again, and boy did she have a lot to say.  Now she is once again talking up a storm on a daily basis.  She even talked to everyone at the car dealership on Monday while I was purchasing my new ride.  I was kind of shocked she was so communicative with strangers, as I expected her to be shy as she has been with strangers before, but oh no, she smiled and cooed at everyone and was quite the hit!

Okay, now on to the videos...

This first video was taken around the first day or two when she initially began her cooing.  

This second video is when I caught her talking to her Mama Bear one night.  It was also filmed during the initial onset of her cooing.

This last video was filmed just a couple of days ago.  After what felt like an eternity of silence, she finally opened back up and really started speaking her mind.  You should be able to tell the difference in her cooing abilities between those first videos and this one.  I don't know exactly what she is saying here, but it is definitely packed with a whole lot of meaning.  

I'm quite impressed with how much she is talking now, especially since she is only 12 weeks old today.  Every day she adds new words/sounds to her repertoire, and every day I get excited to hear what they will be.  Of course, I will keep filming her language development and sharing it with anyone who will sit and listen.  I love to hear her talk, it's one of my favorite things ever!

See, short and sweet!  I'll make sure to get a longer post ready for the next round, but I hope everyone enjoys the videos for now.  Next videos should be of Piper's reactions to fireworks, oh yay!!!

I guess I could add some quick pics of Piper's 11-week photo shoot we did at the house.  The pics came out great, and she is just too cute for words in them.

Now here comes the spiel, again...

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