Saturday, June 22, 2013

Ten Things I Love About You

She's such a beauty
I love the look you give me first thing in the morning when our eyes meet for the first time after a night's slumber.  You look at me as if I'm the most incredible person in the world, and the feeling is mutual.  Nothing says love more than the glimmer in your sleepy eyes at that exact moment.  It is a look I carry in my heart all day long.  We have a perfect relationship at that moment every morning.  I am full and in need of you, and you are empty and in need of me.  No matter what the day brings, we always have that first moment to hang on to.
I can still knock her out after a good snack!
I love the way you hug me, like a tiny monkey clinging to your mother's neck.  You wrap those delicate arms around me, and softly stroke my skin with your dainty fingers.  You grasp and clutch gently, or sometimes with more force when you are hurting or hungry, but always with the confidence that I am the only one who can fully make you feel secure in this new world you have been born into.  The way you melt into me, it's as if we are one person sharing two bodies.  I would have it no other way.  It is a bond that no one can break and can withstand the greatest of forces upon it.  No matter what may come, that bond will always be there.

Rennie helps when I cannot be there every moment.
I love the way you smile and light up from head to toe.  No one has a smile like you, and no one can make me smile with my whole heart like you do.  That same heart that breaks whenever you cry, and I would do anything to make it all better before a single tear falls from your eyes.  Those same eyes that capture your smile that radiates from deep within your soul.  You sometimes have a crooked little half smile, and that may be even better than the full one, as it is special and wins your Papa's heart every time.

Greatest smile ever!
A glimmer of that crooked grin.
I love your little toes and feet.  I have studied each little wee digit with all their little wrinkles and curves to the point I could pick them out of a line-up.  The most adorable part being the little bump along the backside of your big toes at their tips.  It is unique to you.  It is a feature I cherish as it makes you special to me, like a secret of which we we share the sole knowledge.  I also adore the soft arches of your feet and how they sweat when i rub them at night, the way you like to taste your toes as if they are the best tasting snack in the galaxy, and the way you wiggle them in front of your own face, delighted that they are yours and you can control them.  You love your toes and feet as much as I do, maybe even more.

Love her feet!

Aren't the scrumptious?!?!
I love your little ears.  I love that they have features that are solely yours, such as the flat spot on the curve of the right one, the tuft of hair that one also possesses, and that their inside is shaped like the African continent.  I have been calling you African ears since you were born.  They continue to get cuter each and every day.

Can you see Africa?
I love your big, blue eyes.  You have this remarkable ability to make your eyes as large as saucers as you take in the world around you.  Their deep blue pools shine with curiosity, light up when you smile, and express love in the most spectacular of fashions.  And the way they look at me, nothing compares to that in the entire universe.

Love those eyes!
Can they get any bigger?
I love your chubby cheeks and pouty lips.  From the moment I saw them on your ultrasound, I wanted to kiss them all over.  Never have I seen cuter cheeks on a baby.  They're so full and round, perfect for pinching.  And when they get all heavy after a long day, well there are just no words to describe their cuteness at that point.  And those lips, when you pout, never have I seen such a bottom lip poke out and curl up like yours does.  That cute little indention in the bottom lip just folds right in half, giving you the pout that could launch a thousand ships. You capture everyone's sympathies with those lips.  You know just how to use them to get exactly what you want, especially when combined with your big, blue eyes.  Smart girl!

Pouting after her shots.
I love your little poots.  Yes, I said poots!  Every night you lay beside me and do the same routine...wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, poot.  It's the cutest damned thing in the world because you are sound asleep, completely unaware of your nightly emissions.  During the day, your poots are now beginning to make you smile.  I'm sure a giggle will follow suit in the near future.

Cutie bootie!

Lover her nudie self!
I love the sounds you make when you nurse.  It is the sound of pure happiness.  Every tiny slurp, gurgle, sigh, and mmmm, is music to my ears.  It is a symphony of taste budial (new word!) delights that only a nursing mother can fully appreciate.  It has more love in it that a Barry White song, and that's saying a lot!

Never get tired of this view
I love your coos.  Since you began sharing your voice, I have yearned to hear even the slightest peep from your pouty lips.  Sometimes you are stingy with your words, other times they overflow into a cacophony of delightful a-goos and ooohs and ahhhs.  I hang on every word as if it is your first and last, each one more delightful than the one before.  I think my heart may just explode the first time you call me mama, although I think I have heard you utter this word as you breast feed sometimes.  I also think I have heard an I love you or two, but that may just be me hearing your heart speak.

Piper coos
Talking to Mama Bear

These are only ten of the things I love about you, but they are not nearly all the things that have captured my heart.  Everyday I wake up happier than the day before.  Every morning you are the first thing I see, and you are the last thing I hold and kiss before drifting off to sleep.  I cannot imagine a world without you now, nor can I remember the one before you arrived.  You are why I am here, alive in this world.  You are the reason I was born.  I cherish you like no other, and now I truly understand what love is all about.  I love you in ways unexplainable.  I look forward to loving you forever!

Drooling on Nana

Love that face!

Loving on Rennie

More Rennie love
More still
The 11th thing I love about you, your tongue!
I hope everyone has enjoyed my love letter to Piper.  It is from the heart and I admittedly teared up while writing it.  I know now that a mother's love for her child is a love that is completely different from all other loves in the universe and one that only a mother and child can fully comprehend.  How lucky I am to be a mom, it is the greatest joy on the planet!

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