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Too Smart For Her Own Good

Playing with her new ball!
This entry might have been titled Too Smart For MY Own Good.  Piper's intelligence may annoy her at times when she cannot accomplish tasks physically that her brain can grasp mentally, however her intelligence really backfires on me more than her.  I ordered her with a brain, and I got more than I bargained for, but in a wonderful way.  Here are a few of the things that she does that show her intelligence in ways that backfire on me quite regularly.

Sometimes she just wears herself smooth out!
Just this week she has learned how to crack a joke.  I'm serious folks, this girl has quite the sense of humor and gets her grin on whenever she can pull a fast one on somebody.  Warning, I'm about to start talking about poop.  I've heard that once you are a mom poop becomes a regular topic, so here's to mommyhood! Anyway, there have been a few instance recently where Piper has had a poopy diaper that seems completely full but once the changing process begins I realize in comedic horror that she's not quite done in the stinky department.  At these times I am left trying to catch escaping poop with my a wipey as I have already removed the thought-to-be-finished dirty diaper.  As I am folding up the nasty culprit, Piper then decides she has more to offer me.  Only once has this led to a mess on her sheets, the other times I have been completely successful in catching the goods.  Now to the point...

Sometimes I make fun of her grumps!
I am assuming Piper has become aware of this pattern of changing and catching and has now decided to make a game of it.  Just the other day she had a poopy diaper and it was suspiciously not full to her usual standards.  I immediately assume she is not yet complete and tell her, as I'm changing it, that she better not try pushing anything else out while I'm switching the dirty with the clean diaper.  After I finished folding the dirty one and turned to place it behind me on my desk (yes, I'm at work in this scenario) I hear this wet, gurgling, obvious pooping sound.  I immediately flip around to try and catch the mess being created and low and behold there is nothing there.  Piper then lowers the burp rag she's been holding from covering her mouth and gives me the biggest grin as she vibrates her lips together whilst slobbering!  Yes, she was making the fake wet poopy noises, and I swear she knew exactly what she was doing.  She thought it was hysterical that I fell for the oldest trick in the book.  She actually laughed at me!  Yep, she's a sly one.  I'll definitely have to keep an eye on her jokester self.

She can pout as good as she can joke!
Another thing she's been doing on a regular basis is completely changing her routine on Thursday and Friday mornings, knowing these are the two mornings of the week when I have no real help with her.  As most readers know, I moved back in with my parents once I decided to get pregnant.  My dad is fully retired and my mom only works Monday-Wednesday.  That being said, my parents both like to sleep in on Thursday and Friday mornings.  Every morning Piper and I have an established routine.  We get up at 7am for her first feeding, and back to sleep she goes while I get ready for work.  I then wake her up once I'm ready, get her dressed and into the carrier and off to work we go.  On the weekends she goes back to sleep until about 10am, which is quite lovely.  Just recently, however, she has taken to not staying on her usual routine.  This morning was no different.

We enjoy playing in the mirror together
We woke up at 7am for her first feeding, and as usual I put her back down afterwards so that I could get ready for work.  She then decided, unlike every other day of the week, she didn't feel like going back to sleep.  Instead she wanted attention.  Now had this been any other day, I could have taken her into my mom's room while I got ready and my mom would entertain her.  But my parents sleep in on Thursdays so I'm left to my own devices.  Sure they would get up if really necessary, but I don't feel it's fair to ruin their sleep.  So once again, on a Thursday morning, I had to come up with a solution that satisfied Piper as I do not want her screaming for attention while I'm trying to shower or put on eyeliner!  This morning she was very good and sat in her swing and watched one of her Kidsong videos, thank goodness.  The point is that she seems to know that Thursday and Fridays are the days I really need her not to get off her routine, and yet she does now just about every week.  You may think it's a coincidence, but I say there are no coincidences.  She just knows and chooses to test my mommy skills.  So far I have pulled through, and I think she secretly praises me for handling myself and her without flipping my lid.  She's training me, that's for sure.  Smart girl!

Totally engrossed in her video!
This last little thing I'm going to address is not so much a mental thing as it is a physical one.  Just recently she has taken to,what I like to refer to, as frog hopping in her crib.  She draws her legs way up underneath her, in the frog position, and then pushes with all her strength in order to propel her body forward.  It is a method of scooching that is remarkably her own style, and it is quite hysterical to watch.  It is also sometimes a bit annoying as she will do this late at night when she can't sleep.  She always ends up at the head of her co-sleeper or crib, and she doesn't stop because she runs out of room, she continues to try.  Late at night this will prevent her from sleeping, although she also often does this while sound asleep.  During the day, she will do this to keep herself awake since she hates taking naps.  Besides doing this in her crib, she is also beginning to incorporate it into her floor play.  It's like she is trying to crawl already but her body is not quite physically capable of doing so, so this is the next best method of mobility.  Needless to say, she can no longer be left alone to play on her floor mat as she will manage to escape it.  I have a feeling she will be crawling early and will be a crib escape artist just like I was when I was a wee one.  My parents say I was escaping my crib before I could walk.  I think Piper is a lot like her mother!

Sometimes she's like a battering ram!
I know when I picked out my sperm donor that I wanted someone intelligent that would pass those genes on to Piper.  I consider myself pretty damn smart, so she has it coming from both ends.  And that is a good thing.  However, having a smart child does have it's drawbacks.  She seems to be advancing so quickly she's hard to keep up with.  I love it, that is for sure, but sometimes it does come back and bite square on the ass! I wouldn't want her any other way though, I love her smarts and love watching her mentally capabilities advance right alongside her physical ones.  I will admit I am not always fond of when she throws a fit because her mental sometimes outweighs her physical, but I know she only does this out of frustration with herself, and she gets that from me so I can't blame her too much for that type of reaction.  Mostly she's a happy and curious baby, though, and she gets much joy out of accomplishing new tasks and cracking new jokes.  One thing is for certain, I will never get bored with her around, and that I am thankful for every single day.

Trying to crawl outside the crib!
(Youtube link)

Other things she does that make me scratch my head and grin...

She loves to flirt, and is quite good at it, with all males.  I think flirting is inherent to the female species, and Piper does it with ease.  She knows just how to bat her eyelashes, give a crooked grin, hide her face shyly, and other such wily feminine things.  It's funny how she reserves most of these behaviors to use against the men in her life, especially her Papa and her uncles.  It gets her what she wants and it's very good practice for later relationships with men.  I was a pretty good flirt as a child, but like I said before, I think it's pretty much inherent in the female to flirter with males beginning at a very early age.

She knows how to pout and when to use said pout to her advantage.  Although she often pouts when she feels bad, she also pouts to get attention and picked up.  Can't blame a girl for using her virtues for her own good.

I'm very shocked still that she will sit through a 30 minute video, completely enthralled, and never complain or get bored.  She's been doing this for several weeks now, and I'm still amazed every time I put one in and she gets excited.

Watching her Kidsongs video
She loves her solid foods and talks about her meals as she is eating.  She has yet to meet a food she does not like, and she has yet to eat in silence.  Seriously, this girl loves to talk with her mouth full!

First time in her high chair
Last but not least, I love how much she enjoys her baths.  She kicks, and laughs, and grins, and splashes around.  I'm surprised there's actually water left in the tub when we are finished.  Also, now when she gets out to dry off she kicks and laughs as much as when she's in the tub.  She's a spaz, through and through.

She's loving her baths without the sling!
Alrighty, I'm gonna wind things up now.  Piper is getting restless sitting her in my lap helping me type, so I best get to focusing on her before she gets too upset.  Twenty bucks says she wants a snack, as eating is her favorite pastime.

Until next time...

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