Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Satisfying My Book Addiction

I finally broke down tonight and purchased some new reading material for myself.  Lately I've been on a purchasing spree for Piper.  She is already enrolled in two separate book clubs, both Dr. Seuss and Baby Einstein, so I figured it was high time I fed my own addiction instead of readying her bookcase for what I'm positive is a genetic obsession with the written word.

For those who do not know, I am a huge fan of Nikki Sixx.  Yep, I'm a rocker at heart who grew up listening to all kinds of music and Motely Crue has always been one of my favorite groups, with Nikki as my favorite member.  Back in the day I was enamored by his bad boy behavior and good looks.  I know some of you may be scratching your heads and trying to figure out where my attractions lay, but seriously I think he's the shiznit!  Now I have grown as an adult and am highly impressed with his new band Sixx A.M., his photography, and I've heard his writing is quite remarkable...yes, I have much more respect for him now that he's more than just a bad boy rocker, he's got substance and intelligence to boot.  Back in 2008 he wrote a book called The Heroin Diaries.  I've been wanting to read it for some time, so tonight I went on a search to find myself a copy.  It wasn't an easy task finding it in hardcover, still in decent condition, and without being outrageously expensive; but I finally did!  Once I had that book in the shopping bag, I just had to add a few others, as always.

Cannot wait to finally read this!
Next on the list was Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte.  I love the classics but this is one I have yet to read.  I recently saw an excellent movie rendition of the novel and it reminded me that I had not yet remembered to grab an actual copy of the book.  Lucky for me, Barnes and Noble had a nice, brand new hardcover version in their bargain book section.  I especially love books at a discounted price!  I am as equally excited to get this as I am the Nikki Sixx book.

Got to love those Bronte sisters!
I recently read Alice Hoffman's new book The Dovekeepers.  It was the first book of hers I have ever read, and you may be familiar with her work as she wrote Practical Magic which was adapted into an uber awesome movie.  My  mom had a paperback copy of said book, but I just really hate dealing with paperbacks while trying to read in bed, which is where most of my reading occurs.  Since Alice Hoffman was fresh on my brain, and I thought The Dovekeepers was one of the most remarkable books I have read in some time (seriously go buy a copy), I decided to go ahead and pick up a hardcover copy of Practical Magic.  I was also intrigued with another of her books in the bargain books section at B&N called Seventh Heaven, so of course I had to go ahead and purchase this additional title as well.

Absolute must read!
Supposed to be even better than the movie!
Great reviews, intriguing story line!
As you can probably tell, my love of a good reading material extends throughout all genres.  I kind of jump all over the place with what I read and the genre of the moment is usually a reflection of my mood at the time that I end one book and look to begin another.  I am currently about halfway through Pat Conroy's The Prince of Tides, and my god can that man write!  His words are like delicately spun silk.  I wish I had discovered his writing a bit sooner because he really is an astonishing writer.

It's like butter!
All this talk about books, I guess maybe I should start another blog entry label entitled The Book Nook or something of that nature...kind of like what I'm starting with the Food Fantasies section.  Who knows, I'm just beginning to branch out a bit more into various other areas in which I can share my thoughts via the almighty blog.  It's nice to not be held to just talking about my pregnancy, because I do have a life outside of growing this remarkable little girl inside me.  And as with my reading, I also like to touch upon different genres with my writing.  I'm hoping my readers will enjoy the change of pace once in awhile.  I have excellent taste in food and books, so recipes and book reviews just seem like a natural direction to take things.

Okay, well that's all I really had for this evening.  I got all excited about my new purchases and just had to share.  I seriously need a library added on to the house as there is no more room for books around here, but I love the old school turning the pages style of reading and don't feel I could ever go to electronic versions of books.  Maybe after the nursery is finished I can look into that, hahahahaha!

Until next time, good reads to you all!

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