Monday, May 21, 2012

I am the 1%

(It's not what you're thinking)

Okay, okay!!  Before anyone gets their panties in a wad, the title is not what you think!  That said...

I've been pondering what to do while killing time before the big day.  I'm not one to write about what I had for breakfast this morning and how my workday went.  But, on the other hand, I have anywhere from probably 5-10 days (maybe 12 if it's one of those months) before I have any really massive news to verbally attack people with!  So, as that seems so far away and it's been over a week since my last post, I decided to just give a little something to gnaw on...for those interested.

Part of  what is offered in the donor information of the mystery man is a personality profile...aka their Keirsey Personalty Test results.  Now I'll say upfront, this is not a report I used in determining my donor.  I chose via other available information.  However, I did go back on a nothing-better-to-do night and dropped the $20 out of curiosity.  

So what is the Keirsey Personality Test?  Basically it is a psychology based questionnaire similar to the Carl Jung and Myer Briggs personality tests.  What is it for and why?  Basically it is supposed to assess your personality type based on your answers to a slew of questions and give you insight to who you are on a deeper level than your astrology report...cause this is real science people!  *tongue in cheek*

Anyway, so I'm sitting around with nothing to do and download my donor's report.  He is an INTJ or aka Rational Mastermind, aka The Scientist.
(Future baby-daddy...BAD ASS)
Now I'm not going to go into what all that means...that's what Google is for!  But if you are dying to know more go to  There are a billion and two of these sites out there, so have at it!  But his personality type is not why I'm here.  This is all about me, people!

On reading his personality profile, I was given a link to take the test for myself.  So naturally my bored-ass self needed a 70 question test to help me relax.  I'm a thinker, and a researcher, and a little bit neurotic sometimes, so I did it!  Want to take the test yourself?

So what did I find out?  I'm an INFJ, aka Idealist Counselor, aka Protector, aka yada, yada, yada.
(You'll get it later...maybe)
Which constitutes about 1% of the population cause I'm bad-ass that way!

Here are some of my basic attributes:
1)  I am the most suited for an INTJ (donor's) personality type....weird!
2) I share the same personality type as Jesus, Gandhi, and Mother Theresa!  Even weirder...Mother Theresa and I share the same birthday! (not year folks, I'm not that old!)
3) I'm a bit on the psychic side sometimes!  No seriously this is really weird because that is totally accurate (seriously no sarcasm there, it used to freak people out).
4) I'm a natural nurturer and rarely at peace with myself...yep, I do think and give of myself too much, almost to a fault...*sigh*
5) I enjoy writing and like to use metaphors...have you read my blog?
6)  No seriously, check out #2!!!

As for the rest of what an INFJ is all about, which I was pretty surprised at how spot-on some of the profile seemed to be, I will leave you to your own devices to click the link and read further.

Do I take this information with a grain of salt?  Not really as I can no longer have tequila and I prefer my salt with tequila!  But I did find the information very interesting.  It's kind of like, as I said before, having a deeper look at your astrological sign profile...but more respected.

So do I feel special and unique?  You betcha!  Am I going to brag to the masses that I could be a savior of lost souls and the voice of the down-trodden if I so chose to give of myself in such a way?  You betcha!  Am I curious as to what profiles others have?  Oh hell yeah!

So if you get bored, need to kill some time, don't mind overly extending your brain functions to really think about the answers to questions where the answer is not so black and white...then go find one of the tests and take it.  There are many websites out there which offer various versions based on Keirsey, Jung, or Myers Briggs...a lot of them will try and swindle some cash out of you cause that is how we all make a living.  However, there are other sites that just let you have a bit of fun with it...choose your poison (no I didn't pay for mine!)  You can take a free one here:

So for the people who actually read this, there is a little bit of something to do until next time.  Take the test, discover yourself!  Tell the world unless you find out you're not so special as myself!!!  And please laugh a is way too short not to amuse yourself!!!!

On a final note...depending on where you go and what you read...I do not vouch for accuracy of anything reported above!  It is all just a bit of amusement and is not meant to be taken as scientific hypothesis or theory.  Knowing my serious side doesn't mean I have to be serious all the time...enjoy and have a bit of fun!

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