Friday, October 3, 2014

Dirt is Good for the Soul

Piper has officially burst into full toddlerhood!  How do I know this?  She has discovered the wonders of dirt!  I mentioned her discovery of dirt in a previous post not too long ago (The Perfect Day), but I was unable to take any pics of her new discovery.  Well, it's probably best because she has upped her dirt game since then!

Whenever the weather is nice, we all like to sit out back on the deck and have family time.  Besides just sitting around, this time also includes wandering around the yard, picking tomatoes and whatever other veggies are growing this season.  This year it's just accidental tomatoes...thank you bird poop! My dad is the usual veggie grower, but this year he had total knee replacement surgery and was down during planting season.  But the birds were kind to us and pooped some tomato seeds in another area outside the usual garden and voila, surprise tomatoes!  Besides picking tomatoes, we also have a couple of fig trees that the birds and raccoon's have not yet demolished completely this year, so we have those to pick, too.  But really, all of that is beside the point, let's talk about dirt!

Since the usual vegetable garden is nothing but soft, dry soil this year, Piper discovered that it's a wonderful place to sit and play.  She throws dirt in the air, puts it on her head, pretends (so far it's just pretending) to eat it, puts it in mama's hair, and generally just bathes in it from head to toe.  I really cannot wait to discover what she can do with mud.  If she thinks dry topsoil is fun, she's going to love muddy puddles!  In case you didn't catch it, that's a reference to Peppa Pig, one of her favorite shows. Everyone likes jumping up and down in muddy puddles. Don't ya know?

I was lucky enough this time around to get some pics of Piper playing in the dirt.  I also remembered to take a video of what she left behind in the bathtub afterwards.  There was so much dirt in her hair she looked like a brunette.  I also had to pull out the extendable shower head.  Thank goodness for mobile ones with a long reach, because the dirt was not coming out of her hair by simply pouring water over it via a cup.  We had to bring out the big sprayer, which she thoroughly enjoyed as it was her first time under the shower nozzle.  It took quite a few rounds of high-powered rinsing to begin seeing her blonde locks again.  She was truly filthy as humanly possible!

So, without further adieu, I give you Piper in dirt!

Seriously contemplating what next to do with dirt...
Discovering the various items embedded within the dirt...
This year we had Doodle-bugs in the dirt!
Feels so good running through the fingers!
She did this over and over again...
oftentimes right over the top of her head, too.
Slamming the dirt down with force is equally enjoyable!
Checking to see if anyone is looking...
Maybe just a quick taste?
Believe me when I say her hair got worse than this!

I'll wrap things up with the dirty-tub video.  I really am astonished at how absolutely filthy she was! Dist even fell out of inside her socks and her diaper.  She loves bath time, so she lucked out having a second bath before her dinner.

Seriously Dirty!

Well, I knew this wasn't going to be a long blog, and I was right.  I've decided to try writing some shorter blogs between the longer ones so that I maybe that will help me balance my blogging, family life, and very hectic work life.  This moment was too precious not to write about, and I look forward to Piper's next new fantastical discovery!

Until then, please drop me a vote via the links below and visit my other social sites!  Take care and happy Friday, woohoo!!!!

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