Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Perfect Day

Ever had one of those days that you know you will look back upon as one of the most perfect days in your life?  One of those days that will lend itself to nostalgic feelings years down the road?  One of those days you see in movies and feel slightly jealous of and tell yourself "that doesn't happen in real life?"   Well, I just had one of those days.  Now I will warn you ahead of time, this day does not come with pictures.  It was a day for living in the moment of things.  Normally I want to rush and go grab the fancy cam and capture it all on film, but oftentimes that leads to missing out on all the finer details via living through the lens instead of living in the here and now.  So, when the urge hit me, I let it slide away, knowing that this day was special, and I didn't want to miss a single second.

It all began with a perfect Fall morning, the weather cool but not cold, the sun shining but not beating down and trying to melt your being from the heat.  Just the perfect combination of sun, lower temps, and a slight breeze...which is good when you have long hair...not too windy, and not still and stuffy. Oh, and since I live in the South, very low humidity, double bonus!

For a change of recent pace, Piper and I both slept in until 10:30.  She's been turning into a morning person, ugh, but this day she didn't wake up at the butt-crack of dawn.  She cuddled up with me and snoozed the morning away.

Upon awaking, she did't immediately sneak out of bed and start terrorizing the room...or pore my glass of bedside ice water directly on my face.  Yeah, that happened a few days ago!  Instead, she gave me the usual sleeping beauty kiss good morning, which lets me know she's ready to get up.  She then slid out of bed and played rescue the lovies from the obvious lava floor that was the carpet, or whatever was going on inside that imaginative brain of hers.  Once she finally decided that game was over, we moved into her nursery to play, which hardly ever happens.   We giggled, worked puzzles, looked at all her baby shoes that we've been trying to pack away and/or give away, and had a general damn good time.  Nana even joined in the fun.  It was an impossible good time to miss.

Next, it was time for a very late breakfast.  Piper had her first taste of honey, which I poured over her mini pancakes instead of the usual syrup.  She loved the honey!  And she also had sliced pears on the side.  After breakfast/brunch, it was time for a good potty and a wee bit of Olivia on the TV while Nana and  myself got dressed for an outdoor adventure with Piper.  Once we were ready, I dressed Piper in her new grey jeans and a new shirt and tennis shoes, then we headed outside for a walk around the wooded yard, down the street to see the neighbors goats, and then she got into her stroller and we continued to walk until she fell asleep.

Once back at home, of course she did not take her nap, too much fun was to be had!  After I had a quick bite to eat and fed Piper her lunch, she then had a bit of booba before deciding to go play with Papa in her playroom while Nana and I watched the last episode of Outlander, again.  After that was over, the whole family got back dressed in our outdoor adventure clothes and went exploring the yard.

First we picked tomatoes, then we wandered around looking for beetles and watching doodlebugs squirm about in their holes trying to get at the fallen inside ants.  Piper ran all around the yard, picking flowers, playing with seed pods and nuts, looking at the Mulberries, and examining her first Muscadines.  I even got to brush a giant spider off her hoodie, thank goodness before she saw it!

Besides the running wild in the yard, exploring wooded trails around the house, etc., Piper learned all about playing in the dirt for the very first time.  She dug at it, threw it, probably ate some while I wasn't looking, and generally got covered head to toe in it.  There was even dirt in her diaper, which is also where I found the Muscadine which I had left inside her hoodie hood.  Yes, it was truly her first real day of Fall and toddlerhood all rolled up into one wonderful package.

She was so worn out that she passed out while having booba on the back deck while the rest of us had our drinks and chit-chatted.  I finally decided to try and put her to bed around 8, but you know that didn't fly!  So, I changed her into her pjs, fed her some delicious homemade chicken stew and sliced pears, and then I let her watch Squeak on Baby TV while she pottied before heading off to bed to read a few books.  We have finished Charlotte's Web and now are reading Bridge to Terabithia as our "novel" to go along with out age-appropriate books. She eventually fell asleep with her head on my shoulder and her arm draped across my chest.

It was a big day full of adventure, learning, laughter, and family fun.  I'm glad I opted out of grabbing the camera even though it meant sacrificing pics of the day.  But it was worth it to live in the moment and share the adventure without trying to stop for pictures and what not.  I love the Fall, so I'm sure there will be plenty of photo ops to come in the near future now that the weather is cooling off enough to enjoy outdoor time.  I will say that even though I have no recorded images of the day, I will most definitely cherish it forever.  I wish everyday could be that awesome!

Okay, I know my fans cannot stand to not see Piper pics, at least in my head you all can't, so I've decided to include some pics from the past few weeks that have been on FB.

Humidity curls!
And another peek at them curls!
Her first real hair clip!
Stealing Mama's water jug!
Polka-dotted cutie-patootie!
Pout for the camera!
Pretty in pink!
Also, I'll throw in one free video, lol.  It's long but oh so worth the watch!  Piper is much like the kitties in that she can be totally enamored and fooled by the laser light...watch and enjoy!  And try not to pee yourself while laughing!

Well, so you all know, this post is not the one I've been working on for the past several weeks.  It should hopefully be finished soon, it's just a lot more intricate and takes a lot more free time to write, which is limited right now.  But I couldn't miss out telling the story of our perfect day, so I decided to get it out there before it was too late.  Oh, I almost forgot, Piper also has a piggy bank she's been putting her change into.  She takes money very seriously as you will see from this video...one I did happen to shoot during lunch on our perfect day.

Oh, and I found another video I shot!  I forgot that while playing with Papa he let her get in her baby jumpy seat.  She's way too big for it now, but boy did she have a blast!

As mush as I would like to have more to share, that's it folks.  I hope you haven't missed us too much and will continue to support us over at Top Mommy and Top Baby Blogs, as well as our other social media sites.  Until next time, I'll try not to be a stranger!

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