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My Little Weirdo Part 2, The Video Log

Me?  A Weirdo?
Notice Pig?
As I previously discussed back in the first My Little Weirdo post, like most children, Piper has some quirks that leave me scratching my head in wonder whilst rolling on the floor with laughter.  I've been keeping track of a lot of these quirks via video, yay for the age of technology!  While a picture may say a thousand words, a video encompasses an entire volume of encyclopedias.

I've decided that for this entry, I will go ahead and post all the videos, with a brief explanation of what you're about to see in each, rather than try and describe each quirk with lots of my usual ramblings.  I know some of you will be reading from your iPhones and don't have Flash capabilities, I myself run into that problem ALL the time.  So as I have done in past posts, I will include a link below each video that takes you directly to Youtube.  This is my little work-around, and it does eliminate the problem of not being able to view the awesomeness to which you are about to come privy.  I've tested it on my iPhone, so I know it works, so now you have no excuse not to follow along...and I won't have to feel disheartened that some of you would not be able to share in the hilarity that is about to ensue.  So, without further adieu...

To start, I'm going to go back in time to a video clip you may have already seen in a past post, depending on how long you've been with us.  Piper used to do a little crinkle-thing with her nose when she got excited. This sadly, eventually ended, but no worries since she has upped her game to growling and other such fun things. Yeah, have a video of that to post, too, so you've got that to look forward to!  But to start, here is Piper's weird little crinkle-nose thingy she used to do back in the day, lol.

The Crinkle-nose crawl!

I know that this little crinkle thing isn't the weirdest thing you've ever seen, but she was just a little babe, and things have continued to get quirkier and quirkier...but in a delightful way.

I've mentioned several times before the Piper has a hard time winding down at night, or for naps, just in general.  She comes by the Hyper Piper moniker honestly, as it fits her personality perfectly.  This next video is a bit of a log clip, somewhere just over 5 minutes.  I know, in our modern day go-go-go world, five minutes is an eternity.  I guarantee you that this will not be five minutes that you will want back.  This short film is doe in the Blair Witch style and has a way better ending than that piece of crap movie.  Anyways, this is a short film I made one night when Piper was having an especially hard time settling down.  I finally gave up and decided to join in her fun rather than fight it.

This is what winding down looks like in our house! 

Now don't get me wrong, Piper doesn't always have to wind down by spazzing completely out.  Sometimes she's so spastic all day that it catches up to her at the most inopportune moments, such as the dinner table. This next clip showcases her sometimes inability to hold her eyes open for even one more second.  And when she zonks, she zonks!  Don't fret, she was not injured during this filming, it sounds worse than it looks.

This is what totally passed out looks like!

After Piper finally goes to bed at night, she usually sleeps extremely well and then proceeds to wake up with enough energy to power a small country.  Every morning is interesting with her around.  She always wakes up smiling, giggling, talking up a storm, and usually bouncing of the bed rails...literally!  Here's a clip of one morning recently where she just couldn't sit still, not even for a second!

This is actually one of her calmer mornings :)

Once awake, Piper continues her rowdy mood most of the day.  She does usually settle down for a nap now mid-afternoon, but besides that short amount of down time, she is always on the go.  There are two things in life she loves more than boobies, and those are her toys and dancing.  Her favorite toy, of course, is her lovey Pig.  She goes nowhere without him.  I mean NOWHERE!  If you've followed the blog regularly and/or our Facebook page, you have probably noticed that Pig is in most of her pictures and a pile of her videos, too.  However, she does love her other toys and gets much joy from spending time manipulating them with much gusto.  And that is what leads us to this next clip.

In this particular video she is playing with her favorite green ball.  It is an old exercise ball of mine that is slightly deflated so she can grip it a bit better.  She has adored this ball, for some odd reason, since the moment it rolled into her life.  She went through a spell, much like the crinkle-nose thing, where she growled a bunch.  Not in a scary way, mind you, but in an excited, overzealous, joyful way.  Whenever she would get really wound up, the growl would surface.  She still growls once in awhile now, but not anywhere to the extent that she used to.  Anyways, this clip shows her taking total ownership of her green ball.  There is no doubt left who it belongs to....and who is the boss of it!

Making the ball her bitch!

And finally we come to the dancing portion of her favorite activities.  I like to think her love of music and dance comes directly from me, since I was once a professional principal ballet dancer.  Yes, I hope she too one day wants to be a ballerina.  I won't ever push it on her, but I will enroll her in classes when she turns four and see how it goes.  It's too hard on the body to be a dancer unless you love it with a passion that is so great you will cut a cast off your broken wrist with a hacksaw so that you can go onstage and perform...yes, I did that once!  But once again, I digress.  Back to Piper's innate musical abilities!

A couple of nights ago we were watching the Olympic ice dancers, and one pair skated a piece of their routine to Thrill by Michael Jackson.  I couldn't believe how much this piece of music wormed it's way into Piper's little booty, took hold, and made her smooth rock it out!  I had to rewind the sequence five times to let her keep getting her groove on!  This next clip is the one I shot on the fourth rewind.  I wish I had gotten all of them, but I was having way too much fun watching her get jiggy with it!  

This girl's got some serious moves like Jagger!

Now we are coming to the sad portion of this post...I am out of videos!  Well, in all honesty I have a ridiculous number of videos on my phone (128 just since Nov 1st) and on my Youtube channel, but just no more for this post.  These that I've posted her do by no means cover all of Piper's quirks.  She's got a bag a tricks a mile deep, but these are some of my favorite.  There is one quirk, however, that I have yet to catch on tape that I so wish I could show the world.

Piper has a game she recently started playing during her dinner times.  Not during breastfeeding, but her regular meals.  We like to call it "Piper Says."  The rules are very simple.  Piper does an action, and whoever is around must do the same.  It's just like a game of Simon Says, but way more hysterical.  I'm not sure when exactly or why she started this game, but it wasn't something I taught her.  It was quite spontaneous.  One day she simply started clapping in her high chair, and then we all clapped with her.  Then she put her hands on her head, and she waited until we did the same.  Then she went back to clapping, once again waiting for us to clap with her.  We discovered it was a mimicking game when her Papa did the wrong move and received a very stern look and an accentuated repeat by Piper of the move he was supposed to be doing. 

Since she started the Piper Says game, she has become more and more creative.  Now she will bang her hands on the table, raise her arms in the air one at a time, slap the back of her wrist much like a holding call in football, she'll lay her head on her hands mimicking sleeping, say oh and ah or yay or other such words that have to be repeated, and a myriad of other tricks.  She likes to mix it up quite a bit, change up her speed and tempo of the actions, and really expects everyone to a) follow along; b) not get it wrong; and c) not pre-guess her actions...that gets a very stern look, as if you're being very, very naughty.  Once when I was holding her in my lap after her meal she began to play with a whole new set of actions which included grabbing her toes, swinging her legs, patting her knees, and other such lower body involved motions.  I so keep meaning to set up the tripod and try capturing this all on film, but I get so sidetracked and if she is even slightly suspicious she's being filmed, well then she just sits there like a bump on a log.  Yep, that's my girl!

This one is just an extra to show Piper's Olympic spirit!
Once again, I think it's time to wrap this one up and be on my merry way to getting other things accomplished.  I'm still several posts behind, but I swear I'm doing my best to try and catch up.  I had a bit of a stomach bug last weekend, so that didn't help at all!  

I would like to go ahead and give a heads-up about a very soon-to-be-published product review and giveaway I'm working on.  I was recently contacted by a lovely company that makes the oh-so-softest baby blankets in the world called GooseWaddle.  They sent me a small package of goodies that I am currently letting Piper use so that I can write a proper review both from my perspective and hers, as she is the true critic of all things baby related.  I will say now that I am thoroughly pleased with their blankets and their little goose mascot, now dubbed Waddles in our home, has become one of Piper's daily companions.  As soon as she saw the goose she grabbed him and gave him lots of kisses, there is not better stamp of approval than Piper kisses!  That's the equivalent of knighting a lovey.  Anyways, once I write the product review, I will be setting up a giveaway of the same products I received to one lucky winner.  There will be multiple ways to enter, and believe me, you want to be the winner!  But for now I just wanted everyone to be aware this was an upcoming event to keep an eye out for.  I will, of course, go into all the details when the time comes, but for now go check out their webpage.  Here is a pic to get you enthused!

Blankets come in blue, pink, and white.
Don't you just love that goose?
I will leave you all now with anticipation and excitement as to what lives ahead.  And a request to click on the links below ;)

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