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Adventures in Nurseryland Part III, The Bunny Lamp

The bunny lamp edition!
Yes, I am going to dedicated an entire entry to just one lamp. Why?  Cause I'm just a little bit on the bonkers side, I suppose.  Seriously though, it's because I am so damn proud of my own craftiness and this is the perfect platform to do a little bit of self congratulatory back patting.

I really do need this device!
This is not the first time I've mentioned the bunny lamp.  This entry, however, is going to be a bit more thorough and descriptive.  In other words, there are more pictures!  By the way, on a complete aside, I burned the hell-fire out of my left index finger with the hot glue gun during the bunny lamp decorating process.  Do you have any idea how hard it is to type with a band-aid over one of your index fingers?  Well it's not an easy task, whatsoever!  I  was going to push through the pain and the band-aid, but enormous amount of mistypes and subsequent corrections finally conquered me and I took a few days off from typing to heal.  I know, sounds like a big wussy thing to do, but I'm better now and much less frustrated with the keyboard.

Since it has taken me longer than anticipated to get this post out, I will shorten it into a mainly picture format.  So grab your carrots and let's get going!  Get it?  Carrots!  Bahahahahahaha!

First off, I'll begin with the before pics of the bunny lamp.  I randomly purchased this lamp a couple of years ago while flea market shopping.  I don't know why I had to have it, but I just did.  Thank goodness I listened to my instincts on that one.

Cute as a button just as it was!
Although the lamp was absolutely adorable as is, once I decided it was going in the nursery and going to be part of an Alice in Wonderland theme, well it just needed some say the least.

My initial thought was just to spiffy up the lamp shade.  And initially that is exactly what I did.  Just an FYI, all the materials I used for the bunny lamp were purchased at Hobby Lobby.  And all of them were 50% off!  Yep, I like the frugal shopping.

Corner Shot
Front shot
Detail of bottom trim
Basically, what I did was take a plain lamp shade, a glue gun, some ribbon and other such crafty goods, an enormous amount of patience, and a creative spark.  I rolled these all up into one and presto!  The bottom trim was pretty tedious as it is actually five separate layers.

These are the three embellishments I used for the bottom
The top trim was no picnic either, as I first had to glue the pink beads onto the teal ribbon before I could attach the ribbon to the lamp.  Here is a good look at the teal ribbon I used for the top trim and one of the ribbons I used for the side.

Top trim

I also used this ribbon in teal for the sides

After embellishing the lamp shade with ribbon, I then noticed the rabbit himself was looking a little dull.  At first, I decided he needed a black and white harlequin bow-tie to tie into the other B&W harlequin being used throughout the room.

Isn't that fab?
Notice how I added the red heart jewel to the bow-tie.  I thought it tied nicely into the Alice theme with the Queen of Hearts and all that jazz.  Once the bow-tie was added, I then decided his face was just not animated enough.  So I decided he needed some eyes.

Isn't that better?
I was floored by how much the eyes added to his expression.  It completely changed the way he looked.  Now he looked alive rather than just like a plain old bunny lamp.  Brilliant!

Here is one last pic of the first time I finished decorating the lamp.
It's lovely how the light shines through
I was completely satisfied with my new lamp, for a couple of weeks.  It was better than before and fit nicely with the nursery decor.  But then I went to Hobby Lobby, again, and found some more decorative items and all hell broke loose!

Next thing you know, I am once again out in the craft room fiddling with the hot glue gun.  This time I decided the shade needed some froo-froo stuff on the front and sides.  So, I began positioning various butterflies and dragonflies on all sides.  Btw, no two sides are the same, which makes it all that much better!  Once I had these pinned into place, I always pin before I glue just to make sure I'm not losing my mind, I decided to add some flowers to each corner and also one each to the top center and bottom center of the sides.  This was what I ended up with.

Pretty cute, right?
And remember, this is only one side.  Each side has different colored embellishments to add maximum variety.  If you get bored with one color scheme, then just rotate a quarter turn and voila!  Although I loved the additional flare I had just created, I then decided the the corner strips needed something too.  How about some jewels?

Notice the pinned jewels to your left 
After deciding that the jewels totally rocked, I went ahead and permanently attached them to all corner strips.  However, I liked them so much I decided to add a few here and there to the sides in between the dragonflies and butterflies.  Then I said what the hell, and added some to the tips of the dragonfly wings, and in the centers of the each butterfly and flower.  Here is how that turned out!

I love sparkles!
But still that just wasn't enough!  I then went back and added jewels as the heads of the dragonflies and on the top tips of the butterfly wings.

After the last few jewels were glued in place, I was finally 100% satisfied with the lamp shade.  About time, right?  When the shade was finally finished, it was time to add the last little touch to the actual bunny.  After all, an Alice rabbit has to have a pocket-watch, correct?  I had picked up a fabulous watch, chain, and key that absolutely had to be added.  The key was just a little something extra that made since for the rabbit to carry.  Here is the final result of that addition.

The watch and key

A close-up for detail
After weeks of work and additions, I have finally finished my bunny lamp!  I'm super thrilled at how it turned out.  I hope Piper loves it as much as I do.  She certainly should never be bored whilst looking at it, as it is a feast for the eyes.  I will admit that I am thinking of adding just one more very tiny touch,though.  I think he would look great holding a red rose, don't you?  Stay tuned for one more pic, just in case!

UPDATE:  Had to add the roses!  Now isn't that better?

Now I'm finished, I promise!
I hope you all enjoyed this new arts and crafts entry.  I really would love to open an Etsy business where I could design and decorate themed lamp shades and/or lamps.  I have always had an affinity for lamps, goodness knows why, and I get such immense joy out of doing what I just did above.  Maybe someday I'll get a chance to share my crafting with a paying audience, lol!

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