Monday, July 2, 2012

Sitting Waiting Wishing

I thought I would go ahead and continue my theme of song titles as post headers since they seem to be so appropriate (at least the titles) to my current situation.  So, my current situation...

So far, I'm still waiting for a positive HPTs (Home pregnancy tests) over the weekend and no sign of my cycle restarting as of right this minute.  Then again, today is my first day off the progesterone which is meant to delay my cycle. So as of this point, it's either I'm late with my hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) levels rising (possibly late implantation?) or I'm just not preggo. Either way, the waiting is making me nuts! Technically, if my cycle runs as it has in the past, my actual period is not due till tomorrow. However, due to the clomid this past cycle, I think it should be running closer to 28 days instead of the usual 30. But who knows, I'm not a doctor!

For my Star Wars fans! 

So there you go. I promised to keep everyone posted, and I lived up to my promise.  Of course, still keeps your fingers crossed that maybe my negative HPTs are just because of my current levels and that I am actually with child this month!  If that is not the case, then it is back to the docs probably Friday to start the process all over again.  Good thing is that the average IUI success rate is on the third go around.  If I have to do a third go around, then it'll be a highly monitored cycle with more ultrasounds to make sure my follicles are developing, maturing, and ovulating properly.  They may even decide to put me on some injectibles, but we'll wait to see on that one.  Although I will not look forward to another month of clomid and progesterone, I'll do what I must to get this little one on the way!  Guess I better reserve two more vials of goods from my donor just in case...

Dare you all to call this number!

or I could just text this guy!

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