Sunday, July 8, 2012

How You Like Your Eggs

Fried or fertilized?  Yes, I'm keeping with the song theme, and this one just always puts a smile on my face!  Thank you Turquoise Jeep!

Funny songs means once again it's time for an update on my girly parts.  As of my last post, I was heading in for an ultrasound.  That was Friday morning, and I know some people (at least I hope) are wondering how it went.  Well very good news...everything is still looking great and we are getting a bit more aggressive this month.  Like I predicted, my doc is keeping me on 50mg Clomid for this round.  Along with the Clomid, I will be going in for a mid-cycle ultrasound on the 15th.  I would call it Sunday brunch with the doc, but since the appointment is for 8am, well I can't even call that breakfast cause it's just too damn early!  This particular ultrasound will be to check and see how my follicles (a.k.a where the egg comes from) are responding to the Clomid.  In other words, Clomid is supposed to encourage smaller follicles to mature which then could lead to more than one egg being ovulated (This is how it works in my case since I already ovulate regularly).

If I have the right size follicles, the leading one should typically be at least 18mm-20mm at this point, then the doc will either tell me to take my Ovidrel injection or wait for natural ovulation to occur. Oh yes, the Ovidrel.
I swore I'd never stick a needle in me unless it was to get high!
Basically Ovidrel is an hCG trigger shot that induces ovulation. With the shot, I would ovulate within 24-48 hours later. Although I ovulate normally, we are looking to induce with the shot this month to:
A) Know more precisely when to do the IUI, even though the doc is confident our timing has not been an issue; and
B) The shot would make all my follicles release their eggs.  Therefore I would most likely have more than one egg viable and waiting for fertilization.  This, with the Clomid, carries a higher risk for twins (very low risk for other multiples) but that is a small risk to take in this that I'm willing to take at this point.

Yes, this is how I imagine my eggs hatching after the trigger shot!

So, I imagine I'll be going with pricking myself with a needle this month instead of waiting for my LH surge.  I wanted to be more aggressive, and that is exactly what I'm doing.  Hopefully this will be the lucky month, as IUI #3 seems to be statistically the one to bet on!

So there you go, all nice and updated so you can now go back to work on Monday feeling all is right with the world.  Once again, keep all those fingers and toes crossed!

Yeah, it's goofy!  But it couldn't hurt!

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