Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Taking My First Step Towards Motherhood

Hello readers!  My name is Ashley.  I am a single woman aged 37 who has decided to throw away old-fashioned conventions and embark on the wondrous adventure of motherhood.  After years of tumultuous relationships...some good, some bad, and some very ugly... I've decided that if I want to fulfill my lifelong dream of becoming a mom, it is time to throw caution to the wind, forget the fairy-tale romantic notion that someday my prince will come, and finally take matters into my own hands.  It has been a long road with many a sleepless night coming to this decision.  I do not take it lightly nor consider in frivolous.  I have done my research, weighed my options, considered all available paths, and still ended at the same place... mommy-hood!

What do I expect of this blog?  I expect (or at least hope) I will be able to share my experiences, from initial decision to the actual birth of my first child with other individuals, especially women, who may be experiencing the same pressures in life as myself.  Not getting any younger, running very low on time, and not willing to settle.  I'm very excited to be embarking on my new future and hope my story will inspire, give hope, and also entertain. In addition, this blog will also be a record for myself of the amazing adventure which I am creating for me, my family and friends, and my future bundle of joy.  As the days role by I will be filling in the details of the last week, as my journey officially (in the medical sense) began last Friday, April 14th, 2012.  I will also create posts reflecting on what brought me to this point in life, for I feel it is important to understand not only where I'm going but also from where I come.  In the end, I hope this all comes to a happy ending...I guess a happy beginning would be more appropriate.  I welcome your audience as I travel along this road.  I hope you enjoy the experience as much as myself.

Although this was a short introduction, it has been a long day of testing to make sure I am ready to start my IUI injections.  For those who are not already familiar with the the term, IUI stands for intrauterine insemination.  I will provide more information as to the process behind IUI as I develop this blog.  Bur for now I am a little tired, a little sore from my HSG (yes, I will explain this too in the next few days), and ready to call it a day. I look forward to sharing this process with all those interested.  Thank you for tuning in!

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