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Indoor Fun on a Rainy Easter

I was terribly afraid that for Piper's second Easter, I would end up with no blog-worthy material. I knew the forecast called for rain, and I was worried that her pretty Easter dress would go to waste and her egg hunt would produce no usable pictures, as it would have to be indoors...not easy to sneakily hide eggs when everyone is cooped up inside together.  Luckily, I was wrong.  As a matter of fact, I ended up with some adorable photos and a few way-too-cute videos to my absolute delight!

So no more delay, let's get this Easter party started...I have a major 2nd birthday post to get crackin' on!

First off, I should have taken some pics of the actual eggs we dyed.  I have yet to let Piper join in the egg-dyeing fun, she a little too rambunctious still and I just know egg dye would end up EVERYWHERE, but she did watch the process and after they ere dry I let her decorate them with stickers.  This year we dyed two dozen eggs and had another 30 plastic fillable eggs.  Yes folks, that's 42 eggs for one child!  I'll happily admit that I sometimes overdo things, but the family  motto is "it's not done till it's overdone!"  In other words, I'm just sticking with tradition and "you don't monkey with tradition"!  If you know the movie that quote came from, please take a stab at it in the comments section, you may just win a fabulous prize!

You can sort of see one of the eggs awesome sequin egg!
I'll give one word of advice when it comes to dyeing not do it the night before Easter Sunday!  It took forever and it was tedious.  In the end however, our eggs turned out so much better than last year.  This year I stuck with PAAS brand and didn't try anything fancy like shiny eggs or swirled/tye-dyed eggs.  This year it was just dip in water or vinegar and wait.  The most extravagant items contained in the egg kits were stickers, some glitter that did not stick as per the instructions (such a waste because they were pretty up until the time the glitter rubbed right off, thankfully discovered early on), some rubber bands to make banded designs, and some beads and sequins you could glue on...those I liked and the glue was provided.  It took a little time to dry, but still worked out much better than the craptastic kits I chose last year that caused the eggs dye never to dry or just missed the mark on the advertised a very long shot!

Anyways, after all the eggs were complete, I finally got Piper to bed.  After that, it was basket filling time!  I used her same Easter basket I handcrafted last year because it is just so dang pretty.

So glad this year I remembered the cellophane wrapping!
I'm not a huge fan of too many sweets in the basket, so I chose a lot of toys and other such items to go with the smaller amount of candy.  As you can see from the pic below, there was quite a loot in the basket! And that pic doesn't show everything!

Needless to say, Piper loved the goodies she received!

List of items in this years basket:

Candy items (some in basket and some in hidden plastic eggs): Smarties of various flavors and styles, chocolate footballs (that's what we call them here, the mini chocolate eggs in foil wrappers), carrot shaped back of Reese's Pieces, several sheets of candy dots, a Peep's marshmallow sucker, a lamb PEZ dispenser, a few mini chocolate bunnies, a large chocolate bunny with M & M's in it, and finally my personal 8-piece assorted color collection of rock candy!  (Admittedly, those are going to end up being all mine, although I do let her have some once in awhile).

Toys and such (some in basket and some in hidden plastic eggs):  Four colored plastic bangle bracelets, a plastic Easter themed charm bracelet, a mini pink bunny, a medium sized wind-up hopping bunny, a large wind-up hopping baby chick, some cool little animals that are hard to describe (you will see them in the video of her opening her basket- set of four), two fun headbands (one Easter themed and the other with funky hair floppy things on it), a mini water gun, a light-up wand that changes colors and blinks, a tye-dyed whistle, 3 colorful bottles of bubbles (3 more hidden away for later), one large stuffed pink rabbit, miniature bunnies with parachutes attached (so dang cute and fun!), little fuzzy baby chicks (my mom said these were her favorire growing up, had no idea when I purchased them), and an Elsa doll (because every little girl is obsessed with Frozen).

I think that covers everything, but it's possible I left something off the list...hard to remember everything this far out.  Regardless, she loved her basket and all the goodies hidden in the plastic eggs.  And now for the video of her unwrapping her basket followed by one of her hunting eggs...too cute, so get ready!

She is so deliberate about unwrapping things.
Definitely like to savor the moment!

She's very good at finding eggs!  
Easter Bunny will have to step up his game next year!

As you can see from the video, Piper is quite adept at hunting eggs down.  I'm really going to have to step up my game next year.  It wasn't easy hiding the eggs, that's for sure.  I basically had to have Nana give her a bath so I could play Easter Bunny.  When she got out of the tub, before we had time to dress her up, she had already found an egg and was seriously wanting to hunt naked!  Finally we managed to get her into her bedroom, where no eggs were hidden, and get her into her Easter dress.  I was not about to let the fact that it was raining outside ruin her getting to wear that dress, I love it! Anyhoo, here are some more shots of her getting her hunt on.  And yes, most of these are of her back...hard to get a pic from the front when she's on the move!

As previously mentioned,I had 42 eggs hidden.  Guess how long it took her to find them?  I believe we were under the 20 minute mark, for sure.  Once they were all found, it was time to sit down and check out the goodies inside the plastic eggs.  Finally some pics of her face!

She made sure to share her finding inside every egg!

Next, we moved to a more desirable location to try and get some cuter pics and watch her devour candy dots...

Piper is officially candy dots obsessed!
Her new "cheese" face!

I mean seriously obsessed!

Playing with her fuzzy baby chicks.
The famous new "cheese" face again.
I'm dreading school pictures in the future!
Reese's Pieces!

And after all the fun, even little pretty princesses have to go potty before continuing to play...but she didn't stop with the candy, notice the PEZ dispenser in hand...this is why I limit the candy!

In the end, despite the rainy day and having to make do with indoor fun, we all had a blast and Easter went off without a hitch.  I'm hoping to get her back in that dress for some outdoor pics sometime soon.  It really is too pretty to waste on just indoor photos.  And of all the photos I took that day, this last one is my favorite.  I think she just looks like a little doll in it.  It's not easy getting Piper to sit still for a picture anymore, so when I capture one that looks good without a hint of blur from a constantly moving body in motion whilst using my cell phone instead of the fancy cam, I'm a happy camper!
Yep, she's my precious doll-face!
Well, that about wraps up this blog post.  Glad I finally managed to get all my pics in one place!  It took me longer than I really wanted, but goodness knows we've had so much going on in our family that I'm just happy to be getting this posted before next Easter.  What can you expect next?   The 2nd birthday post, yay!!!  I took Piper to Dallas for a weekend adventure instead of throwing a party and we had a blast!  I've got a lot of ground to cover for that one, so it's time to get a-moving and a-shaking on it.  While you patiently wait, take a few moments and throw some votes our way, or share us with a friend...we always love new followers!

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