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Eleven Months In the Blink of An Eye

Too cool for school!
It's hard to believe Piper has been with us for 11 months now!  It's hard to believe I missed posting her 9-month stats because I've been completely scattered keeping up with a child who is way advanced for her 11-month-old self!  It's even harder to believe that I had actually begun posting her 9-month stats, got sidetracked, started this post again at around 10-months, and am STILL now just getting to finish it and she's having her first birthday Thursday, sheesh!

All that over a goat!  Hahahahaha!
But alas, I'm going to finally maybe gets this dang thing completed, I hope!....

So anyways, I've decided to cut to the chase on several things I originally had going in this post.  Since I began it two months ago, some of those things are now irrelevant, have already been posted elsewhere, or I've decided they weren't that interesting anyway.  I have become desperate to get this published, so I'm going to get right to things, sans haste!  Too boot, major computer problems, a new position I've taken on at work, and a dad who I've been helping recover from a total knee replacement hasn't helped.  What can I say? It's been a busy time all the way around! 

You're welcome for the random food pics! ;)
As you may well know, a lot has gone on with Piper both mentally and physically over the past couple of months. If you read our Facebook page regularly, you should be pretty well aware of all the changes. But for those who are just blog browsers, here's the lowdown on how far she has come over this short little while.

First off, I never posted anywhere about her 9-month stats from her check-up at the docs. I think since she didn't have shots this go round, I just simply let it slip my mind. You'd think as much as I write about her, I'd be one of those moms who diligently takes the monthly pic of their baby with the however old month card on them somewhere. But alas, I'm not. Maybe it's because I post so much that I don't do this, she gets daily attention, so it just slips me by.  Anyway, ramble ramble, here are her 9-month stats. 

What a cutie-patootie pout!

And she is still obsessed with Pig!

She was 19lbs 9ozs (58%), up just a little more than 2 lbs since her 6-month check-up.  She was 28 1/4" long (68%), up a little shy of 2" since 6-months.  Her head circumference was still small at 17" (22%), which was only 1/2" up from 6-months...still has her Nana's munchkin head!

Besides her basic measurements, which were perfectly in-line as to where I figured she'd be, it's her mental and physical state which were still way advanced at that point, and still are.  She's been running about 6-8 months ahead of the game since her 4-month check-up, if not even more so now. 

She loves daffodils!

And looking pretty :)
Playing in the daffodils with her cousin Haven :)

Floating boats down at the creek, that's fun, too!
She had about a 30 word vocabulary at 9 months, and that has grown to somewhere around 60ish words. The doc was highly impressed with her language skills, and so am I, admittedly. Then again, she gets constant attention and everything we do has a play-by-play going down with it. We're a talkative family, so it only makes sense that she'd be talkative herself. Besides actual words, she babbles incessantly!  Everything has meaning, however, she doesn't just talk to talk. She tells stories and explains things and gives orders and all kinds of fun things like that...yes, I said gives orders, lol. 

Did I mention she loves cottage cheese?

Some people pay good money for lips like that!
She actually has invented a game she plays with us during times in her high chair that I have dubbed "Piper Says."  This game involves her performing an action, and everyone else around has to mimic that action or get a stern look until they follow along. She has increasingly added actions to her repertoire, which include: clapping, raising one or both arms in the air, patting her head, pulling one or both ears, sticking out her tongue, slapping one hand on the opposite wrist, pounding on the table, grabbing her toes, placing her head on her hands in a sleepy-like pose, doing the "Indian" call (totally not a PC term), and geez I know there are some more but that's all I can think of right this moment.  She also mixes up the order and speed at which she does these actions. It's a seriously impressive game for such a young babe to come up with all on her own. She has been playing it for well over a month now. As a matter of fact, her pretend play has continued advancing at an astounding rate. 

I just love bathtub pics!
She plays pretend games all of the time. She reads to herself, pretends to feed Pig and us pieces of food during snack and dinner times, she has lavish phone conversations on all her pretend phones, she sometimes pretends to eat stuff when she doesn't really have anything, she has a pretend cough she does to get attention, and she can mock poop-face now...I didn't say all her pretending was a good thing, she's a character for sure!  And that is just a short list of her pretend time fun. She's always coming up with something new, and we are just lucky to be the observers of her expanding world of make believe.  

Sometimes she pretends to be a super model!

And to be a Saint, lol!
She has become an avid musician and dancer over the past few months.  She has 3 drum sets, all different, but she'll take a drumstick to anything to get a beat going. And boy does she like to dance!!  Any type of music, anytime, and she gets to bouncing, twisting, squealing, swaying, singing, etc. Just the other night, well it was just the other night when I first wrote this part, we were watching ice dancing during the Olympics and one of the pairs danced a short time to Thriller by Michael Jackson. Well, let's just let the video speaks for itself!  I know if you read my last post this video will look familiar, but it just has to be shown again!

I just had to re-share this one!

She has also almost completely moved away from eating baby food.  She's a bit of a foodie like her mom, so once she had "real" food, nothing as bland as baby food would quite do anymore.  Her diet usually goes something like this:

For breakfast:  always a scrambled egg, and then either mini pancakes, banana pieces or other fruit, sometimes yogurt, and other times oatmeal.

For lunch:  This is where she usually has to have some baby food, as we are trying to use up all she has left. Besides that though, she often has at least one fresh veggie and/or fruit.  She loves those little Gerber meat sticks and the graduate meals. We give her those a lot now, too.

For Dinner:  This is where she gets variety.  She now gets to try whatever the rest of the fam is having. Just the other night it was baked catfish and asparagus, which she loved both.  So far, there hasn't been really anything she doesn't like. There have been some textures she has a hard time chewing and then swallowing, but even those are getting fewer and fewer since she now has eight teeth!  And I think she's in the process of cutting a first molar, as the drooling and gnawing on things is back on the rise.

Just to give you an idea of where she is at food-wise, here's a list of the "real" foods she has tried so far.

Veggies: So far she has liked beets, carrots, butter beans, asparagus, corn, lima beans, stewed tomatoes (her favorite), potatoes (both regular and sweet), green beans, green peas, and spinach.

Fruits:  She hasn't yet met a fruit she didn't like, but so far she's tried grapes, avocado, bananas, peaches, cherries, pears, pineapples, mango, papaya, various apple sauces, strawberries, and kiwi.

Meats:  She hasn't ventured into the meats as much as other things, but so far she has tried fresh deli ham and roast beef, chicken in various forms, tuna, baked catfish, innards of a corn dog, meatloaf, those meat sticks I mentioned earlier, and I let her chew on a very tiny piece of bacon because bacon is the food of the gods!

Other various food adventures:  Besides the usual staples, she has ventured into some mixed or other types of meals.  These include mac and cheese, broccoli pie, small tastes of cheese dip, pancakes, the innards and icing of toaster strudels, cottage cheese, jell-o with fruit, mustard (that was tried only once, lol), pickles of various varieties, popsicles, ice cream, cake, cream cheese cherry pie, sip of tea, taste of beer, wine and champagne (just a taste off the tip of a finger because she begged and her curiosity knows no bounds), rice, chicken stew and everything in it including the onions and celery, and pot roast and all the fixins.  Like I said, the girl is a foodie and she will try anything at least once!

She has started knee-walking besides regular walking.

I am sure I have left something off the list of her food adventures.  Basically, I let her try everything her little heart desires just to widen her palate.  I would never give her anything harmful, but I do let her explore at her own risk sometimes.  By the way, she loves sauces, so she always gets to try these.  So far, she has liked everything she had tried, and for that I am so grateful.  I love to cook and experiment with new foods, so it's only natural that I want her palate to grow along with her mind and body.  I want her to want to experience new foods, especially when we travel, for that is one of the top three things listed on my reasons for travel. It's amazing how the world can be experienced from food encounters.  If you want to learn about a people and their culture, learn about their food and have a meal with the locals that is truly authentic and preferably home-cooked.  Nothing brings people together like a good meal embedded with great conversation.

Yes, she has finally learned to walk!

Okay, it has now been another week or so since I last stopped writing on this post.  As a matter of fact, her birthday is in two days!!!  In these past few weeks she has learned to walk, she is in full-blown potty-training mode (seriously!), she has mastered more words including some two-word phrases, learned to catch, roll, and throw a ball, and pretty much seems to be more on the level of a two-year-old than an almost one-year-old.  She's been advancing so fast, I've had a hard time just keeping up with her.  Since she is becoming such a little smarty, I've also enrolled her in ABCMouse.com.  Although it says for ages 2+, I think she's pretty much ready for the learning program.  Want to check them out, too?  Check them out, the first month is free with no other obligations if it's not right for you and your child.

ABCmouse.com - Full Online Preschool-Kindergarten- First Month Free - Click here!

Since this post has been added to and subtracted from so many times and I'm about to turn around in a couple of days and do a whole year-in-review-post, I figured I'm going to just go ahead and stop this one here, throw in the pics and videos of recent, and finally put this one to bed.  I really don't know why I just could never get caught back up on this one after beginning it, I'll just leave it as life got busy and hectic.  So, I'm stopping here, keep on the lookout for the 1-year reflection and party pics, and I'll be back soon, lol!  Have a good one my fans, and for my own sake and yours let's hope I don't ever get this stuck on a post ever again!!!

And she likes to play catch while pottying! :)

And here it comes....

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