Thursday, May 9, 2013

Three Week Old Genius

Had to start this entry with a cute snore video!

I have officially become one of those moms who think, no knows, her baby is smarter and more good looking than all the other babies on the planet.  This must be an ingrained response to motherhood that keeps women overly attached to their offspring, but it's one I now totally support and unabashedly adhere to.  But seriously, my baby is smarter and prettier than everyone elses!  And I'll prove it!

First off, she breastfeeds like a champ!  More like a teenage male virgin who just got to second base for the first time, but you get my drift.  This girl loves her some boobies!  She has just this week come up with a very sly way of getting them whenever she wants.  It seems her nuzzling skills are unsurpassed as every time I hold her now she slowly, and without me really noticing, manages to worm her way sideways in my arms, face first into her best friend the right breast, and then begins to bob her head back and forth like a woodpecker trying to get a headache right on my clothed nipple.  It's hysterical to watch since she is so damn enthusiastic about going for the goods.  My parents say she acts just like I did when it came to the boobs as a wee-one.  As a matter of fact, my mom had to stop breast feeding me because I learned how to unbotton her blouse at way too early of an age, I believe somewhere around 9 months, I jest not!

She's also smart enough to guard her food!
Secondly, she already knows how to smile and make cooing noises.  The smiling is said to be involuntary in a newborn.  I agreed with this at first, but not now.  As of this week she has begun smiling with her eyes as well as her whole body at times.  She loves the first look we share with each other early in the morning or right after naps or nursing.  This is when her best smiles come.  She also gives those huge grins to anyone she sees for the first time in a day.  I just know she knows how to win us all over and melt to her will, genius I say!  As for the cooing noises, those shouldn't be happening yet, but they are.  They are not regular, but I get several  a day, often when she's giving me that first whole-body grin of the day.

Smiles from head to toe!
Since this entry is being posted a week after initial writing, I should update that her cooing has become more frequent along with her smiles. She gets especially active when having her diaper changed now. She just loves to coo and smile at her mobile as it spins round. She just keeps getting smarter and smarter every second of every day.  Okay, back to last week's writing...

Her next big genius sign, she can stand already!  The story goes that I could stand the day my parents brought me home from the hospital.  I'm not talking about just springing up on two legs like a miracle baby, but with a little assistance, like a couple of fingers under the armpits.  And yes, my little overly smart child has also accomplished this task.  She's been putting weight on her legs since I got her home, but now she is fully an independent stander.  I was giving her a bath today and she insisted on standing up while being dressed afterwards.  I then removed my fingers from holding her, leaving only the crook of my hand between index and thumb for her to rest her armpits on, and BAM! She stayed upright!  And she already has learned the wiggle side-to-side while standing dance I've been practicing with her.  Now she initiates the dance herself, demanding playtime of the most genius kind.  And boy does she like to smile while doing all of this miraculous standing!

Wish the sound had recorded better...oh well!

Now let me back up to her days in the hospital.  I taught her to use a pacifier in 15 minutes flat!  She at first just let it role right out of her mouth, but within just a short time she was holding it and sucking on it without assistance.  How many 1 day olds do you know that learned this skill in 15 minutes?  Don't lie, you don't know any!  ;-p

Okay, what next?  She already sleeps through the night.  That's right, she sleeps through the night!  Take that all you moms with little ones who are constantly keeping you awake at night...I jest!  But seriously, she started sleeping through the night a few days into her third week, and I know this is a privileged rarity and I thank my lucky stars for it every day. Now this might upset some of you, but one of the major secrets to her championship sleeping is that I'm of the tummy sleeping camp. Yes, I know all about SIDS, but from all the research I've encountered, the back to sleep campaign is all a bunch of rubbish in my eyes. How can one say that sleeping on the back reduces SIDS when knows not what causes SIDS?  Wailing babies who can't sleep, flat heads, exhausted parents with constantly waking children....I'll pass!  I also use a crib bumper and let her have a blanket, does that make me a horrible mom?  No!  It makes me an independent thinker at worst. I'm one to trust in my maternal instincts, and so far so good.  I'll stick with my own methods, for they seem to work for us.  Like everything out there, to each their own.  All I know is that Piper is extremely happy and healthy, who am I to take that away from her?  And who can resist that cute little baby bum sticking up in the air while she naps?  Just too adorable!  But regardless of her sleeping position, a three week old who sleeps through the night is still pretty remarkable.

Nothing cuter than a baby bum in the air!
Now that I have sufficiently alienated all the back sleeping families out there, let us move on and speak of Piper's beauty. Well there really is not much to say in regards to proving her loveliness. This is where the old saying "a picture says a thousand words" comes in handy. Her pictures speak for themselves, although I do not think they do her justice. Her beauty cannot fully be captured by my amateur picture taking skills. But here are some beauty shots just the same.

Like a living doll in her sailor dress!
So sweet while napping on her Nana!
Her "Put the food in the piehole" face!
Look at dem scrumptious cheeks!
She's a looker!
As you can tell from her pics, she's definitely a beauty!  I only say this because that is what everyone who has met her tells us.  I'm just simply going with crowd response on this one...and maybe a bit of new mom pride, too.  Regardless, you have to admit that she's not repulsive to the eyes.  As a matter of fact, I could stare at her all day.

I think I have sufficiently covered Piper's amazing genius and extraordinary beauty.  I may be a bit of a braggart, but mainly it all stems from overwhelming love for the most amazing thing I will ever accomplish in my life.  I'm so astoundingly happy and feel like jumping and shouting from the rooftops with giddy silliness over this little miracle that is now forever part of me and my life.  Things just can't get any better than this.  And to wrap all this gushy-ness up, I'll leave you all with another cute snore video.

Sounds like a baby owl!

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