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Let's Talk About Sex Baby

I've been hinting around for quite some time about publishing a post regarding gender prediction.  It has been awhile in coming as I've been off on vacation and slow to get back into the swing of things upon my return.  But finally, after much hemming and hawing (it's a Southern thing), here it is!  But first your video of the blog!

Had to go old school Salt-N-Pepa for this one!

I have spent a good many days throughout my pregnancy wondering about the sex of my unborn child.  I am pretty much 100% positive that every mother-to-be goes through the exact same thing.  Eventually, of course, gender is finally determined via ultrasound (or sometimes genetic testing), but this is usually around the 18 to 20 week mark.  In other words, you have plenty of time to drive yourself mad with trying to predict the sex by way of old wives tales, Chinese gender calendars, internet quizzes, and at-home chemistry tests!  Yes, there are oh so many different ways to ponder the gender genetics of your little bundle.  And yes, I went through most of them and the results are about to be revealed (along with the results of my ultrasound)! So sit back, relax, and get ready for some free entertainment!

I should preface the following little tidbits of information with that while absolutely none of these methods are scientific nor foolproof, they are amusing and fun to play around with.  What else do you have to do while waiting around for the most ultimately exciting ultrasound in the entire world?

1) The Chinese Gender Predictor 

There is an age-old legend that a ancient Chinese chart, one which predicts a baby's gender based on the mother's Chinese lunar age at conception and the Chinese lunar month in which she conceived,.was found in a royal tomb some 700 years ago.  Now that chart is all over the net for anyone to amuse themselves with.  I am one of those people and here are the results of all that gibberish.

Step one was to enter in my date of birth so my Chinese lunar age could be determined.  Just an FYI, the Chinese begin counting your age the day you are conceived.  So basically you are already 9 months old when born.
Step two was to enter the date of conception.  This step was quite easy for me since I knew exactly when that happened thanks to the wonderful world of IUI.
Drum role please...
Step three was the easy part, getting the results.
Am I really having a boy?  Keep reading to find out!
Chines chart method = BOY

2) Ring around the belly time!

This method of sex determination is one of the simplest and oldest out there.  All you have to do is dangle your wedding ring if you've got one (whatever!) on a string above your pregnant stomach.  Of course, with the modern times of single parenting, a wedding ring is no longer required.  You can use a threaded needle, another ring, a pendulum, or other such object that is able to be looped by thread (or stand of hair in some discussed methodologies).  Some say you can also hold the ring or other object above the wrist, but I think that just sounds odd, so I went with the old-fashioned belly dangle.

Once you have the ring or other object dangling (I just love that word!), then you slowly wait for it to move.  If it starts swinging back and forth, then you are supposed to have a boy.  If it swings in a circular motion, that indicates you are toting around a precious little girl.

As for me, I used my college graduation ring at one time and a pendulum from my mom's altar (my mom is Wiccan) another time.  Both times the ring swung back and forth.
My class ring dangled by a strand of hair!
Ring method = BOY

3) The Baking Soda Test

Now this test is one that I had not heard of until last weekend.  For this test you simply place 1TBS o f baking soda into a cup.  Then you pee in another cup.  You then add the pee to the baking soda.  If the mixtures fizzes you're having a boy.  If it just sits there and does nothing you're having a girl.
Yep, that's my fizzy pee!
So I know that's kind of a gross pic, but it's kind of a gross test!  Anyway, the results were all fizzy for me meaning I'm predicted to have a boy.

Baking soda & pee test = BOY

4) The Comet Test

This uber scientific and slightly toxic test requires yet another sample of, you guessed it, pee!  For this method you basically follow the same guidelines as above except this time you use Comet cleanser (the blue-green kind) instead of baking soda.  Now there is another similar test out there using either Drano crystals or Ajax, but those items were not amongst my cleaning supplies and the Comet was readily available.  Upon mixing the pee and Comet (be careful to do this in a well ventilated area and try not to breathe any of the fumes), if the pee stays the color of the Comet (sort of light green) you are having a girl.  If it turns a tropical blue color, then expect a boy.
I'll refrain from another pee pic here!
My results? The uber lovely scented mixture of Comet and urine remained the lightish green color of the Comet.

Comet test = GIRL

5) Random Simple Questions

A. Did you have morning sickness?  Not even a hucklebuck!  Supposedly girls cause morning sickness and boys don't.  No morning sickness = BOY
I say have a big cup of better you than me!

B.  Are you carrying high or low?  I think low right now.  Supposedly boys sit low and girls are on the up     and up.  Sitting low = BOY

C. Is your skin clearer or more broken out right now?  Definitely more broken out!  I feel like I'm back in junior high.  Supposedly girls steal your beauty while boys make you even more beautiful.  (I even had a spell  of extremely dry hair, ugh!)  Beauty succubus = GIRL
I sometimes feel like the Death Star is on my face!
D. Are you carrying all in the front or have you expanded all around?  I hate to admit it but at first I was expanding all around due to the water weight gain brought on by the pre-pregnancy fertility meds.  I've pretty much started losing that and am now carrying in the front.  Now my hips have kept on a bit more weight than normal but not enough to tell I'm preggers from behind...well not until I walk cause my brother says I'm already waddling!  Supposedly if you're carrying a girl you'll become a wide load.  With a boy it's all in the front.  Didn't move into a double wide = BOY
Thank goodness I don't have to fool with beeping when I back up!
E.  Is the baby's heart beat above or below 140?  My little one's has been around 155 the whole time.  Supposedly a heart rate below 140 is a boy and above 140 is a girl.  Be still my beating heart = GIRL

F.  Craving sweets or salty/sour goodies?  The first trimester I was all about the sugar.  Now I'm more in between (in other words all food is great!).  Supposedly all that is sweet means you're toting a sweet little princess.  All salty and sour means a rambunctious little prince is on the way.  More on the sweet side = GIRL

Candy is good in the mouth! (play the video!)
G.  If you pick a key up off the ground do you grab the round or the straight part?  Technically I have't had this one puuled on me, but I usually always pick up by the round part.  Supposedly if you grab for the round end you're having a boy.  Grab for the straight and you're having a girl.  Key to my heart (just a guess) = BOY

H.  Which of your boobs is bigger?  I'm going with the right one on this.  Supposedly left boob expansion means a girl and right means a boy.  Right Boobiliciousness = BOY

I.  Is your pee bright or light yellow?  Yes, another pee test!  Mine is definitely lighter in hue.  Supposedly bright is for boys and light is for girls.  Pee break = GIRL

J.  Are you're nipples dark or light?  Definitely not dark.  Supposedly if they turn dark you're having a son.  If they remain light you are having a daghter.  Tune in Tokyo = GIRL

K.  Do you have more hair on your legs now?  Nope, thank goodness!!!  Supposedly if you turn into Chewbacca then expect a boy.  If you remain not so werewolfy, then it's a girl!  Not hairy like Wookie = GIRL
Wookies need love too!
 L.  Has your face swollen up?  Nope, but my ankles sure have!  Supposedly a girl will make your head big and round and a boy will let it remain somewhat normal.  No Moon Pie head = BOY
I rock at homemade picture art!
M.  Are you getting clumsier?  Another thank goodness no answer for me!  Supposedly if you start tripping over your own shadow you are destined to birth a boy.  If you remain steady expect a girl.  Maintaining composure rather than going head over heels = GIRL

Just kidding!

So now that we've covered a ton of tests and questions, let's add up the results and see where my odds lie.
BOY = 9                                  GIRL = 8

Well there you go!  As per the remarkably scientific methods of the old wives tale universe I should be having a boy, just barely.  If you've been keeping up with the blog or my Facebook page then you know I've been predicting I'm carrying a boy all along.  I've always thought I'd have boys and I have just always known baby boys were in my future.  Well, I went this past Wednesday on Nov. 7th for my 17 week follow-up ultrasound with the high-risk doctor.  By the way, my tests came back so perfect that I went from a 1 in 81 chance of having a Down Syndrome baby to a 1 in 10,000 chance!  The doc was uber pleased at how spectacular my little one is at this point (yeah, I'm a proud mama!).  But I'll save all that for another entry,  cause right now I know you are dying to know what he said about the baby's sex....aren't you?

I took my mom and dad to the appointment with me.  My mom has been to every one, but this was my dads first experience.  He had never seen an in-utero ultrasound before.  Don't forget, when my parents were pushing out pups there was no such thing.  My dad was ecstatic and amazed by the technology and the results.  When he found out the baby's gender he teared did we all.  It was the most wonderfully, exciting, spectacular moment of my life.  And here are the results!!!!

Are you having trouble distinguishing what you're looking at?  I read somewhere on the net that with a girl on an ultrasound you look for the "hamburger."  Now you see it?  Yep, that's the girly goods!  My little princess tried her best to hide those goods during the entire ultrasound.  The doc had to jab her with the ultrasound wand quite a bit to get her to open her legs.  She finally did and she better never open them again until she's at least 30!

All in all, the ultrasound results for sex were quite a surprise to say the least.  I honestly have to admit, even though I was excited when I thought I was having a boy, I am over the moon about having a little girl.  Being a single mom I'm sure a little girl will be easier.  Besides that, I was once a professional ballet dancer and I would love for her to enjoy dancing as much as I did.  I will of course put her in ballet lessons, but if she absolutely hates it then I definitely won't push her.  But oh how I hope she adores the music, the movement, the lights, the costumes...everything my world revolved around until my early 20s.  And if she does I hope she is talented and doesn't have two left feet, although I'd let her dance even if she did, hahahaha!

What a remarkable thing, knowing now the gender of my child.  It somehow makes everything even that much better.  Now I get to call her by her name Piper Amelia, start planning the nursery, start shopping for tutus, and I just love how people's faces light up when I tell them I'm having a girl.  People seem to have a stronger reaction to me carrying a girl over a boy...aren't we just the luckiest sex!

I'll wrap things up this time around with a few pics from the ultrasound.  I know they are not the greatest pics in the world, but I have no scanner and had to take pics of them with my phone.  Some are better than others but all I think are breathtaking in their own right.  I think little Piper is just beautiful as can be already, even if she still looks a little alien!

Full body view

Sweetest face ever!

Another face shot

Waving hello!

Girly goods!

Crossed hands

Face closer up
Little tootsie!
I hope you all have enjoyed this little foray into gender prediction.  I hope you enjoyed even more my new baby pics!  Isn't she a doll?  I can't wait to meet her in person!

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